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Apr 7, 2009 10:42 AM

ISO Center City weekday lunch

This is an oh so frustrating one to me.. looking for a nice place for lunch during the week after college graduation...on a Monday. My one thought is Matyson... a lot of the places that I really want to go only do dinner or aren't open on Mondays period. I don't want anything too extravagant, I'm not in the mood for any Starr restaurant and my parents aren't big tapas fans (ahem, Tinto). That makes it a bit harder, but I think you guys are up for the challenge.

We can go further than Center City... say, South Philly, but again, not sure about the lunch aspect of it and places being open.

Thanks ahead of time!

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  1. How about the prix fixe lunch at Table 31

    1. A lot of nice places, like Table 31 mentioned above, have good prix fixe lunch deals during the week. I'd look into Lacroix, XIX (at the Bellevue), the Palm (also at the Bellevue), Bliss, and Kanella.

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        Kanella is closed on Mondays. Too bad, because their lunch is fantastic. At XIX, only the bar is open on Monday for lunch.

      2. I know you said no to tapas, thus no to Tinto, but if the problem is the small plates/sharing, rather than the flavors of that type of cuisine, they do a more traditional style lunch, at both Tinto and Amada. Last I was there it was a choice of soup for first course and then either a sandwich or salad for second course. It was delicious and a steal for I think $12 or $15 per person.

        Just a thought :)

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          Just want to say "thanks" for reminding me about Amada. Last Thursday, my wife and I went to Shane's in Old City for candy and were contemplating lunch nearby. Lunch at Amada is truly the best deal in Philadelphia. Choice of soup, then either sandwich or salad, plus non-alcoholic beverage -- all for $12.50. My wife had never been there before and I had never been for lunch. Thanks again for the timely suggestion.

        2. One of our favorite places in Center City, Branzino, is open for lunch on Mondays.
          You can see their menu at Attractive, very good food.
          It's byob.
          Some favorites of my ladies lunch group are Davio's and Table 31. You can check the prices online.