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Apr 7, 2009 10:41 AM

Great saltenas in Olney Maryland

El Antojito (same shopping center as Mannequin Pis) has delicious salteñas. According to my sister who spent many years in Bolivia, these were the best she's had in the DC area. Beef, chicken and chicken & beef varieties.


El Antojito
18068 Georgia Ave, Olney, MD 20832

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  1. A big second on your recommendation. I've stopped by at least four or five times over the last several months for their excellent saltenas. I've enjoyed the beef best, but all are really wonderful.

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      We had all three this morning and the beef was the best, messy and yummy (messy cause I'm a salteña novice and needed instruction:), but the chicken was very tasty too and a bit drier inside.

      The best description of these jems.... hand-held, sweet and savory pot pies.

    2. Tried the beef and chicken saltenas today. They were good. The hot sauce could have been a lot spicier. The house-made mocochinchi drink was delicious.

      1. El Antojito has become one of my favorite places. The saltenas are amazing. I stop by there typically once a week. One of the best bargins in town.

        Olney, MD

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            wrong and right, the barbershop always has been there it has been closed a couple of months