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Apr 7, 2009 10:34 AM

Kotobukiya closing?


Saw on another blog that Kotobukiya is closing. I was just there this weekend and didn't see any signs, but someone noticed one today. Can anyone confirm / deny if this is true?


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    1. re: galangatron

      Pretty sure it's the market, which really bums me out! They sold a bunch of great products. This was the post (from NE Food)...

      Well, we have the good news about H-Mart, but today I was shocked
      to see a sign at Kotobukiya saying they were closing on May 10.
      How can that be? I really hope H-Mart fills the void, but I doubt
      it will for all the Japanese foods one can currently get at

      1. re: Mr Bigglesworth

        I hope that's not true, as there is no other easily accessible market with as good a selection of Japanese food items. Their website doesn't have any notice. I'm hoping, if it's a real closing, that it's a temporary one?

        1. re: kobuta

          Man! What a disappointment. Anyone know any other options for similar goods; nearer is better?

          Otherwise I'm stocking up on mochi ice cream, lychee juice, pocky, and I'm clearing out their dish department.

        2. re: Mr Bigglesworth

          This is tragic news. Kotobukiya is a really good market.

      2. Just came from there- it's closing on May 10th... permanently. I am so, so, so sad!

        -- just noticed you posted the same thing. I'm still sad!

        1. Yeah, it's true. May 10th. Thanks to Leslie University, which is kicking them out to make room for the bookstore.

          According to the women working there, the store will not be relocating, it's just shutting down. She said someone else was thinking of opening a Japanese market but wasn't sure when that would happen, or where.

          There goes my only reason for visiting Porter Square.

          Hey, anyone want to start a letter writing campaign to the University? We could send them bits of kelp, kimchi, or dried sardines bought from the market. Anyone in? I could write a form letter, and we could all do it.

          Seriously, are there any other good asian markets along the Red Line? NO. At least none I know of. This is sort of a foody-tragedy.

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          1. re: fr1p

            Yeah, I took a trip after work and saw their sign too. This is terrible. H-Mart wouldn't even help since it's not accessible for anyone without a car. Boo to Lesley University.

            1. re: fr1p

              It's a step or two off the red line, but Reliable Market in Union Square is very good.

              1. re: jajjguy

                I live off of and work near the red line, and I can definitely say, not a step or two. Especially when taking what may be heavy groceries. I really would LOVE Reliable to be closer.

                1. re: kobuta

                  I hear there is space opening up in Porter Square if you are willing to sign a five year lease!

                2. re: jajjguy

                  reliable is, indeed, very good. but they don't have a number of japanese products that kotobukiya has and the ones they do have are, sometimes, stale due to lower demand/turnover.

                  1. re: mikhail

                    Exactly, it is an excellent Korean market....not Japanese, which is much harder to find...

                3. re: fr1p

                  if you start the campaign, i will join. kotobukiya is, in fact, the only good japanese market anywhere in the greater boston area. heck, i don't think there's another japanese market, good or otherwise, left in boston at all.

                4. Oh no!!!!! They're the only ones in town that make the particular style of fish cakes that they have! :(

                  And where will we buy tamaki gold and haiga now? (Somehow they seem to have them cheaper than anywhere-- the Lotte market on Mass Ave just tried to charge me $37 for a 15 lb bag of tamaki gold the other day! I was completely nonplussed, but gathered my wits and put it back and walked away slowly...) Kotobukiya might have been the last T-accessible source of tamaki. Super88 used to have it, but haven't seen it lately. Even non T-accessible tamaki rice is getting scarce, for that matter-- they used to have it at kam man, but didn't have it there recently, either. :( sigh

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                  1. re: another_adam

                    Awful, isn't it? Seriously, my favorite asian market in the Boston metro area, and right on the Red Line!