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Apr 7, 2009 10:33 AM

Pgh Restaurant Closings/Changes

Hello fellow Burgher Hounds,

I thought I would try to start a posting that would keep us updated on local changes with the hope that at least we'll have something to read on a daily basis.....The idea came when I saw Bruschettas el Lago in Peters/McMurray had become Table (anyone been there?) and one of my favorite South Hills pizza on the patio places (Linguini's) is showing signs of ownership change. Any others in town?

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  1. Good idea! A place that comes to mind is Butya's, on Stubenville Pike (toward Robinson). This was really more of a bar than a fine dining establishment but they did do a pretty good lunch and a hugh fish sandwich!

    Linguini's is a place that I've heard of but I haven't been able to find it!!?? Someone told me it was near Century III, but I can't seem to locate it. I was told that it can be good, but that there are some management problems. I'd still like to try it.

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      Another one is Amici, which just reciently opened at the site of Tambellani's on 51. Although it was very close to where I live, I never got a chance to eat there.

      1. re: Davecli

        Amici is actually now just a banquet and catering place. Just another restaurant that Ed Dunlap has bought, dumped a bunch of money into, and ruined!

      2. re: Davecli

        It's right where Don Pablo's used to be, in front of the now closed Circuit City. I went there once, never felt the need to return.

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          Linguini's was located in Mountain Ridge Plaza by the Giant Eagle. I've had a couple of people mention it has closed permanently. I am saddened by this since they had wonderful eggplant parm!

          Giant Eagle
          5550 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

          1. re: scadgirl007

            I THINK they moved across the street from The Galleria on Rt. 19.

            1. re: Rick

              It was Linguini's but it is now Pazzo's. I've never been there.

              1. re: dmjordan

                Another change over there? That's location can't seem to keep one place for very long.

                1. re: Rick

                  Funny thing is, whatever goes in that location is almost exactly the same as whatever preceded it. It's always mediocre red sauce Italian with a big early-bird dinner crowd. Parking lot empties by 8:30pm.

                  You'd think someone would try something different.

        2. Mr.K - you might be one of the few who liked Linguini's (assuming you're talking about the one on Washington across from Galleria). We never went, mostly because of what we'd heard from the neighbors. Plus it always seemed like one of those early senior dinner places - lot would be packed at 5, empty by 8.

          Carlena's Deli on Painter's Run closed. Too bad - they had excellent hot sausage and meatball subs and were a great deal for catering trays.

          Although there's no sign to indicate it, the former Caruso's pizza is now Michael B's Pizza. While Caruso's has been gone for a couple years now, Mike didn't get around to making any menu or decor changes until the last couple of months. Like 99% of other Pittsburgh pizza places, he's added wings.

          Matt Gebis, who was the best barista at LaPrima, will have his own place in Oakland, scheduled to open in May so there will finally be some decent coffee in that area.

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          1. re: Panini Guy

            You might be correct (it is the Mt Lebo location). After moving to Pgh from Chicago 12 years ago, I have been on a constant search for good pizza, and I really like the 'za at Linguini's. The crust is quite flavorful and done nicely in the brick oven. The italian sausage sucks (crumbled,ground beef) but that is typical for the Burgh (I have only found 2 places that actually use IMO the correct italian pizza sausage--Bados and Burghs Pizza Pub). Their garlic wings are excellent(no vampires, for sure), and their salads are really good. I've mainly eaten there fore lunch, especially on the patio, or takeout.

            1. re: MrKotter

              I went to Linguini's when they first opened and wasn't that impressed. Hopefully they've gotten better over time. DiCarlo's Pizza on Route 51 (Overbook) has reopened with new ownership and the menu is small but they have the original DiCarlo taste.

              1. re: burghgal

                We go to Linguini's near Century III a few times a month and I always am amazed at how few people are there. The oven-baked pizzas are very good, and their chicken (and eggplant) parmesan sandwiches are huge and excellent (especially with those homemade chips). We go there mainly for lunch, but a few times for dinner and I would recommend the homemade gnocchi and the linguine with white clam sauce. Their marinara is almost as good as my Mom's, and much better than most I've had in restaurants.

                Wonder what the management changes will do to the food/ operation? Sometimes the service can be quite slow.

                And nice to know about DeCarlo's, one cannot have too many pizza places! :)

            2. re: Panini Guy

              PG, do you know where in Oakland the coffee shop will be? This is exciting news!

              1. re: PghJen

                Last I heard the plan was for somewhere on Atwood, but couldn't tell you where exactly.

                1. re: Panini Guy

                  update: the Atwood location is due to be demolished, so Matt is not going to Oakland after all. He's setting up shop in Lawrenceville, Butler & 37th, scheduled for June opening.

            3. We can't forget about Cafe Allegro on the South Side. What a great place. I know this was a family run place and I think they closed to retire.

              1. New place in Swickley - Naked Grape. Let me know if you try it!
                New in South Hills - Wild Rosemary - I have read great reviews. Anyone tried?

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                1. re: six dower

                  Wild Rosemary is fantastic. My wife and i have eaten there 2....3rd time coming very soon and can't wait. Reservations are hard to get....about 1-2 months out. The place only has 10-15 tables but very much well worth my eyes, one of the best in PGH

                  Wild Rosemary
                  1469 Bower Hill Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15241

                2. Emiliano's is now open on Carson St. near the southside works. I haven't been to the mcKnight Road location or this one yet. anybody a fan?

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                  1. re: Mr Siegal

                    I've been to Emiliano's a couple of times. It's decent Mexican food.. better than Don Pablo's or Chi-Chi's .. well they really weren't Mexican food places.. anyways.. I like the variety of Mad Mex better but Emilianos is good.

                    1. re: Mr Siegal

                      I have also been to the McKnight road location.. I would agree with the comment below....better than Don Pablo's or something but still pretty standard tex mex stuff....I hope they are able to drum up some business at the carson street location...I drove past Saturday night around 9:00 and the place was empty

                      And don't forget....Taco Loco has moved from its old location on to Carson Street as well...nearly right across from this Emiliano's joint

                      For downtown workers, I recently noticed the Amazon Cafe on Grant is now a 'Mixstirs' or however they spell it. I had lunch once at the Mixstirs in Market Square and was not impressed. I don't know if they were owned by the same people all along? I usually save Amazon for when its hot and I am craving a smoothie..I hope the quality has not changed.

                      1. re: shadysider023

                        I work right down the street from the Grant Street Mixstir's and it's a favorite standby for me. Their soups are all homemade and delicious. Their wraps are just so-so, but their panini's are fresh and tasty. I've never tried a salad there, though. Add on a smoothie and you've got a great and quick lunch. It can get packed on Fridays, but it's usually nice and empty during the week. I think for a quick counter lunch, there aren't many better places around.