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Apr 7, 2009 10:29 AM

Food science nerds unite...low sugar jam in a recipe

I am working on a recipe involving panna cotta and jam. The way I am layering the two in my recipe seems to cause the jam to liquify as the panna cotta sets and makes for a big mess when eaten. I am thinking that the panna cotta liquid might be dissolving the sugar in the jam as it sets and making it break down? I want to try one more trick before I tool with the assembly, because the presentation is so lovely the way I am putting it together now. I am wondering if using a low sugar jam might help with this problem, as it probably has more pectin to make up for the reduced sugar and might stay firmer. Any guesses on this? I am already cooling the panna cotta before putting it with the jam before chilling the whole thing.

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  1. Never done it but, you could add more pectin to the jam you are using and see what happens. When it comes to layering, if two layers don't get along with each other then I would look for something that is compatible with each to go in between, a third layer perhaps. Just throwing it out there but, maybe like a thin fudge layer which is not as hygroscopic (absorbs water) to protect the jam you are using or something on that line of thought.

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      that is a great idea...definitely will keep that in mind, thanks!