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Apr 7, 2009 09:54 AM

Meals near W hotel?

We are going to be in NY for Easter weekend from LA. Help!

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  1. There are many W hotels in NYC, which one? Cuisine? Budget? Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner? Casual/Fancy? ....

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    1. re: noot

      Thanks, I didn't know. It's on 541 Lexington. Great food! No budget, we are taking our 15 year old daughter to NY for the first time. She has a very sophisticated palate. Lunch and Dinner mostly, we plan to sleep late to stay on LA time.

      1. re: MarlaPR

        I quite like Chin Chin (same block as Smith & Wollensky's) for somewhat Americanized Chinese food. But, there are loads of great restaurants in NYC, and even places 20 blocks away are a reasonable walk and a pretty cheap taxi ride. If you give us any more ideas of what you think you'd like, I'm sure we can come up w/ other suggestions.

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 might be difficult to get in to the really great places (call your amex concierge person) b/c of the short notice. so there's not a lot in the area, but if you have no budget for food, i'm thinking you can afford a taxi. so here are some places that aren't suitable for most teenagers, but if your daughter has a sophisticated palate and you have no budget, then these might be pleasing to her: L'atelier de Joel Robuchon isn't too far, Jean Georges is great, Gordon Ramsay at The London, Sushi Yasuda is nearby. For lunch, Jean Georges has a prix-fixe deal, personally, I love Gramercy Tavern's lunch in the Tavern Room (no reservations taken, so go early). Brunch, not lunch, reigns on weekends. For brunch, I like Norma's (even though it gets mixed reviews, it is good, but expensive), Five Points, Jane, Sarabeth's. Norma's is the closest to you.

          1. re: MarlaPR

            I actually got a great rec from the concierge of the W you're staying in. Since my first meal there, I've returned on numerous occasions: Luna Piena.

            Some others:
            Dishes (for bfast or lunch)
            Tenzan (very fresh and delicious sushi)
            Dawat, Chola or Bukharra Grill (Indian)
            Ethos (Greek - UN location)
            Mia Dona (Italian)


        2. If she likes steak you're close to Smith and Wollesnky's. If you're willing to venture out of the neighborhood a short taxi ride will get you to any of the best places in the city. Check out this thread for some suggestions:

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            Thanks so much!! Last month we were in NY for Jimmy Fallon, and ate at La Bernardin, Bar Douloud, Adour, Elaine's (with Elaine at our table, a hoot) and Gordan Ramsey's. You live in one great culinary town!!!!

            1. re: MarlaPR

              This sort of information is very helpful, since now we know what you are used to.

              A few other recommendations that are in line with what you're accustomed to, and not far from your hotel:
              1. The Modern - New American (The formal dining room is true 'fine dining' or you can also eat at the Bar room which is still very nice and serves great food in a lively atmosphere).
              2. Convivio or Alto, both mid-town italian places whose chef - Michael White, has been putting out some amazing italian food since he took over about three years ago.
              3. La Grenoille - Brilliant, classic french cuisine, it's one of the last remaining old-guard French Restuarants in the city, and is worth every penny.
              4. I would avoid Smith and Wolly's, it's okay but there are so many other steak options in the city, that really blow S&W away. Wolfgangs on 33rd & Park is one option, as is BLT Steak on 57th. Although my favorite midtown steak place is Porter House at the time warner center.
              5. Speaking of the Time Warner Center, while it is a cab ride from your hotel, you may want to check out Landmarc, or Blue Ribbon right next door.

              Hope that helps, the more info you can provide, the better options we can give.