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Apr 7, 2009 09:41 AM

JoJo's Country Market- Teriyaki Steak

Hey Guy's and girls, I have a big Question about the teriyaki steak available at jojo's in Meridith,NH...I had it last year during the 4th of July when I went up to visit with friends. This steak was the most amazing stuff I've ever tried, and I was wondering if it was only available there, it seems like they are only open during the summer, and if anyone had the recipe-or similar?!!! SOOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!

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  1. I called their phone and got no answer btw.....

    1. I might be able to get the recipe - my family members live up there and know the owner and a couple even worked at JoJo's. Their meat in general is very good, he's a retired butcher. Dad went fishing in the everglades with him in the past year. I'll be up that way tomorrow and will try and get the scoop.

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        Thank you soooo much! I am hoping to use the steak as part of a proposal a have cooked-up(pun intended!lol) to my GF!!!!!

      2. I'm sorry, couldn't get any info on it. My sister worked there years ago but she couldn't remember if they used their own sauce or bought one - they do make a lot of their own marinades. I tried....... and I don't believe they are back in town yet - everyone was talking about when they might open up (I think it's later part of April).