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Apr 7, 2009 08:53 AM

deviled egg ideas

with Easter around the corner my thoughts wondered to deviled eggs. many purists arriving.... any good recipes? also can they be made a day in advance?...i was thinking make the yolks...keep everything seperate until sunday...any ideas. thanks

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  1. Someone (JungMann?) on an Easter menu board is going to fix deviled eggs with various filling. The one that caught my eye was lox. That sounds great to me. I don't know why they couldn't be made ahead; I've held egg salad over for a day with no discoloration.

      1. I've made devilled eggs a day in advance before, keeping the whites and filling separated, with no problems, though I did add a little extra mayo (I don't put that much in mine) to prevent any drying-out issues. Don't know that I'd push it beyond one day, though.

        Fillings: goat cheese with dill, the classic with a touch of blue cheese (or just the classic)

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          I love the classic for this, however sometimes a little horsey sauce or even crab stuffed deviled or shrimp stuffed deviled eggs are great. One time a friend brought for a neighborhood potluck a mix, she made about 4 dozen, large party and she made a dozen of each. It was a lot of fun to try the different ones. Love the crab.

          I make a spinach, egg, shallot and a light cheese based filling which is really good. Different and I loved it, but not ture. But fun for a change. is all.