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Apr 7, 2009 08:52 AM

Where can I get amazing xiaolongbao in London?

Or Manchester for that matter? I lived in China for the best part of a year and miss loads of the food. Still between my favourite restaurants (Red Chilli in Manchester, Bar Shu, Red and Hot, and BaoZi Inn in London) and cooking myself my cravings are reasonably well abated. BUT...I simply have never had really really good xiaolongbao in England. Living in Shanghai for 2 months I used to eat them almost everyday, and I really really need some ASAP. This does look like a pretty damn good recipe for them:

And it's a great site all round by the way. But even I (who will go to crazy lengths with my cooking) don't think I'm going to make them. Partly also because my dumpling technique is a bit of a weakness still. I'm gonna develop with jiaozi and huntun before I take on anything mad like xiaolongbao.

Anyway, someone help, where can I go?

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    1. re: CTownFeedR


      Sorry it seems this is a well covered topic already. I did a search but nothing came up. Probably did it wrong.

      Great news though. Will go in the next week.

      By the way if anyone knows of any in Manchester that'd also be a great help.