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Labor inducing meal? (SD)

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A coworker of my husband told him there is a meal in San Diego that is known for inducing labor. He could not remember what or where it is. Anyone know if this is true? I am aware of other labor inducing meals throughout the country but does one exist in SD? I would be eternally grateful if anyone can help, I have tried everything, I'm way overdue, and very much ready to pop!

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  1. I wish I could help

    All of the best to you!

    1. Friends have used a very spicy carne asada burrito, spicy Chinese Food or pineapple or mango..
      Best to you!

      1. IIRC, I read something about the labor inducing meal a few years ago in the U/T. I want to say the restaurant was in San Marcos, but I'm not entirely sure. The U/T archives aren't very user friendly, and I think difficult to use, but you might try searching them to see if the article is still available.

        1. I'd go with a deep dish pie from Lefty's pizza, extra sprinkle of red pepper chili flakes.


          1. Thanks, I will try the U/T and Lefty's. I have been eating tons of spicy food. I read that green papaya can cause contractions so I have been eating the thai papaya salad at Sab-e-lee(sp?) at #8 spicy. It's so good but no luck so far. I have also tried mexican, chinese and pineapple. Thanks for the help and well wishes.

            1. Don't know about San Diego, but there's a famous salad dressing at a restaurant up in LA called Caioti Cafe. They even sell the dressing for "delivery" on line. And having just checked the link I've discovered their production facility is located in... tadaaah! San Diego!!!