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Apr 7, 2009 08:45 AM

Cool spot worth a train ride to Brooklyn?

Hello! I will be in NYC for 2 nights in May, staying in UWS, I've never really been to Brooklyn. Can anyone suggest a cool spot for dinner and drinks that would be worth a train ride? It will be my boyfriend and myself. We like places that are more on the casual side. Love Indian, Italian and Seafood. We love more of a neighborhood feel rather than touristy or stuffy, THANKS EVERYONE! :)

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  1. For 'night life', Williamsburg (1 stop from Manhattan) or Carroll Gardens (4 stops from Manhattan) are probably the way to go. I live in Williamsburg so I will start there first.

    Hotel Delmano is pretty fun. It's slightly upscale-ish with the whole prohibition/old fashioned cocktail vibe. Note, it's not an actual hotel.

    Another favorite of mine for drinks and snacks is Marlow & Sons. If you are coming in May, it's nice to sit outside out front and order some wine and cheeses. It's also a great restaurant that specializes in artisanal products (breads, cheeses, cured meats etc), they also do entrees such as chicken under a brick. Great oysters. It's very popular.

    There are bars all over the place in Williamsburg, but the two I mentioned are a little bit more 'travel worthy'.

    For dinner my favorite spot is Dressler. They are the only restauraunt in Brooklyn to earn a Michelin star. It's not cheap, but it is one of my favorite restauraunts in NYC. They take reservations.

    Aurora (italian) is another spot I love for dinner. Other faves of mine are Walter Foods (great seafood) and Moto (get the date cake for dessert).

    For some options that aren't quite as pricey, I would check into Fiore (italian neighborhood place with great food and bar), La Superior (if you are into mexican. note they do not have a booze however and do not allow byob and also are not known for their ambience, but the tacos are awesome), Motorino (pizza).

    Most places in Brooklyn are casual. Just don't look like a schlub and you will be ok. If you go to you can check the menus of the places I mentioned above to see if they fit your needs.

    In Carroll Gardens there is Buttermilk Channel for comfort food taken up a notch, which just won Best new restaurant in TimeOut. It's good. Prime Meats is a good bar for cocktails. Frankie's 457 is solid italian, very popular.

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      "For dinner my favorite spot is Dressler. They are the only restauraunt in Brooklyn to earn a Michelin star."

      Actually, Saul in Carroll Gardens and Peter Luger's, practically across the street from Dressler, both earned Michelin stars years before Dressler got one. (The still have them too.)

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        Yup, what Bob said....and Saul is just as wonderful as ever.

        I'm not a fan of Buttermilk Channel, there are far better places to go in the area. If you head to Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill, some of our favorites:

        Drinks: Jake Walk (wine bar/food), Char 4 (whiskey bar/restaurant), Sample (wine bar/bar food), Clover Club (wine bar/high end bar food)

        Restaurants: Saul, Enoteca, Lunetta, Lucali's Pizza, Hibino, Ki Sushi

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        I'd point out the amazing deal at Dressler Sunday-Thursday-$45 for 5 courses $20 more gets you wine pairings. One of the best price v value meals I've had in a long time.

        1. re: David W

          I had this menu recently and didn't enjoy it at all. The food had very little effort or thought put into it, except maybe how can we do a lot of courses for that price. The cooking was boring and very simple. I think its actually a rip off. There are lots of places in Manhattan that serve vastly superior versions of new american.

          I agree with the Franny's recommendations elsewhere in the thread.

          I think it is definitely the worst restaurant in NY with a star, both Luger (which I think is definitely overrated) and Saul are worlds better.

      3. You might consider Franny's (upscale pizza in Prospect Hts/Park Slope) or Frankie's 457 in Carroll Gardens- very good non-pretitious italian. For more kicked-back atmosphere and lower cost, Lucali's in Carroll Gardens also has very good pizza but Im not sure they have drinks, really - you could cruise elsewhere in the nabe for this, see more of the area that way. Lucalli's is always jammed so you can call ahead - they will call when your table is ready (not a place to chill out all evening).

        If you are interested in visiting places which are more reflective of Brooklyn's ethnic diversity than its young, hip side, folks can recommend different types of places to you (like Russian or Middle Eastern, say)

        1. Al di La might do it for ya. Neighborhood, casual, Italian. But hard to get into. No reservations, and boy is it popular. Indian, alas, is not a great Brooklyn cuisine.

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            I haven't lived in B'klyn for years but I've never stopped thinking about the gnocchi in brown butter dish at Al di La. One of the top dishes I've ever eaten in my life. Worth a trip to Broooklyn? Heck, I might make the trip there from Maryland for it.

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