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Apr 7, 2009 08:40 AM

Top High-End Montreal Restaurants?

Heading to Montreal in a couple of months and need some advice on one dinner. We've been to La Chronique and Joe Beef on the last two visits. What are some of the suggestions that would be equal or better than those two.

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  1. The next time I am in Montreal (where I am originally from), I will be headed here:

    1. in no order:

      Club Chasse et Peche,
      La Montée.

      I'm probably missing one or two...

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        I have said this before and I will say this again, I (and this is my opinion only - not slamming yours Max) do not recommend Toque. It's overpriced and does not deliver the goods. Tons of better ways to spend that money!

        1. Montreal doesn't have a lot of white linen fine dining restaurants. However, I would also add some additional high-end restaurants that will give you an angle into Montreal's cultural diversity as well:

          Ferreira - 1446 Peel Street, Portuguese cuisine (one of the best in North America). Very nice dining room (upscale casual), classy mediterranean. Not kitschy at all. Located on a nice section of Peel Street. Their cafe windows open up to the street in warm months and it's a great experience especially during the summer months. Very good grilled items including lamb and octopus.

          Piment Rouge - 1170 Peel Street, Chinese cuisine, with one of the largest wine lists in Canada and impressive location in the Old Windsor Hotel with direct views of Dominion Square. Similar style high-end Chinese as Mr. Chow or Philippe Chow in NYC or LA (North American style Chinese) - not your typical Chinatown restaurant. Very good daily seafood specials (authentic Chinese style) with fresh fish the owner flies in from as far as Boston, and General Tao's Chicken (North American Chinese). They are undergoing major renovations, so contact them before going because they said seating is limited while under construction.

          Milos - 5357 Parc Avenue. Very good Greek/mediterranean cuisine. Their grilled fish items are amazing. They have expanded to New York City and Athens. The NYC restaurant is a Martha Stewart favorite, but Montreal is the original.

          Jun-I - 156 Laurier Ouest. One of the best (and maybe the top) sushi / Japanese restaurant in Montreal. The head chef and co-owner Junichi Ikematsu is a master with raw fish. They also direct import many sakes not available at any other Japanese restaurants (or the SAQ (provincial liquor / wine stores)) in Montreal. Beautiful dining room - modern, minimalist style, but still very comfortable and warm. If you come during the summer, they are one of the very few Japanese restaurants in Canada that serve true blue fin tuna in season.

          I second Borah's mention of Au Pied de Cochon even though the surroundings are casual (noisy bistro - not high end). The food is spectacular if you are a carnivore and into high calorie items like foie gras served in as many ways as you can imagine! Impressive wine list as well.

          Enjoy your visit to Montreal!

          1. Garcon on Sherbrooke is also very good.

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                I really liked Garcon, too bad they closed!