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Apr 7, 2009 08:35 AM

Vienna Meats? or similar deli in Scarborough?

Does anyone have any information on Vienna Meats at Birchmount and Eglinton as to when they might be reopening? They had a spectacular fire in December and have been closed ever since. It's a huge loss to their wide community of deli addicts, especially at Easter when they would typically feed our need for German chocolate bunnies, ladybugs and eggs.

Failing that, can anyone recommend a good European deli accessible to southwestern Scarborough? Specifically, I'm looking for pickled herring and that fake red and black caviar that comes in little glass jars, a.k.a. fish roe. I already tried Grumbel's, and they had neither. I'm trying to avoid having to make the long trip back to Roncesvalles, but I guess I can do that if I have to ... I also need some good kielbasa.

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  1. If you're willing to head north, there are a couple of small European delis that might have some of the things you're looking for - a little west of Warden on Ellesmere, there's a small Polish deli called Kmicic, and at Pharmacy and Sheppard there is ABC Euro Deli, which I believe is Romanian-run.

    There's also Polka European Deli on Lawrence E near Markham, but I haven't been there yet.

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      i would like to reply on the Polka delicatessen on lawrence and markham their Cold Cut are very good but the staff is horible if you do not speak polish you get a very lousy service it happen to many non polish customer who also complained but i never see the owner . the cashier was told by many customer what kind of service you get the respond is i can do nothing .

    2. My SO picked up some fish roe in a jar before at Dominion (now Metro). Maybe give them a call and see if they still stock it. It came in black and red.

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        Thank you BokChoi -- I went to Kmicic because I was also looking for some other European deli foods for Easter. But in future I will try Metro for this.

      2. I love the deli at Vienna Meats too -- I was arranging to meet someone there for lunch (yummy Schnitzel!) the day the fire hit.
        I just phoned the restaurant/store and after the phone rang about five times, a recording came on. They said that their construction staff was hard at work "around the clock" and that they hope to have the store re-opened by the end of May. The message also said they would advertise the opening on German radio and newspapers when the exact date was known.

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          I peeked in as I rode past on the bus tonight - they are definitely hard at work, but it looks like there's a LOT to do. As long as they've got the door propped open, I'll update you folks on the progress. ;)

          BTW, voracious, I forgot to mention earlier that fish roe of various sorts in jars can be found at Diana's Seafood, on Lawrence just east of Warden, along with your pickled herring, if you haven't found another source already.

          1. re: Wahooty

            I did get some, at the Polish deli called Kmicic at Warden and Ellesmere as per your earlier recommendation. Thanks for the tip! It's a great place. They have several kinds of kielbassa, vats of two different kinds of home made pickles, and another of sauerkraut.. Also wonderfully fresh plum donuts that didn't even make it out of the parking lot.

            I will definitely check out Diana's Seafood too as it's closer to me. And not too far from Arz, by my reckoning?

            1. re: voracious

              Glad you liked it! I stumbled on that place and it saved me going all the way to Roncy for dried Polish mushrooms. I need to get back soon - I'm out of pierogi and it's probably time to make a batch of bigos. Didn't see the donuts the last time I was there...I'll have to check those out.

              Diana's is, in fact, quite close to Arz, and both are worth taking the time to check out. Pick up some shawarma while you're in the neighborhood. :)

          2. re: GordToronto

            There is now a hand-written sign on the front door - I believe it said they are hoping to re-open "early June."

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                Hey voracious, they appear to be back in business - there's been an "Open" sign in the door for a couple of weeks now.

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                  Thanks, Wahooty! I've been back, and it looks exactly the same. I told them it was so amazing that they didn't change anything, and they said that wasn't true -- "we're going to change the floor." Got some almond paste to make rhubarb tart ... so happy.

            1. Does anyone have experience with both Vienna Meats and the now-defunct Kellen's (of Don Mills mall)? How would they compare, in your opinion? I miss Kellen's and am looking for a replacement!!!

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