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Apr 7, 2009 08:26 AM

Need recs for Chitown foodies in Vancouver

We are traveling with a group to Vancouver for three nights. We are looking for restaurants downtown by the Sheraton, so that we could possibly walk. We want foodie friendly restaurants that are upscale but not in the fine dining, 40 dollar plus entrees, formal setting. We love all types of food, but would love to try some great Indian (Vij's?), or Chinese--jsut something more interesting than American/continental menus...a good lively but not too loun ambience is preferred.

I was thinking: Boneta, Vij's (although it has gotten some bad press on this website), and Compagnolo. Possible Fuel? All thoughts/ideas are appreciated! thank you!

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  1. You have a good list there already.

    The izakaya zone is around the corner...the Guus and Hapa can get boisterous, but Kingyo is fairly tame.

    Vij's has a great rep outside this board...some here love it, actually. It's a matter of preference. Many people think Vij's is "watered down" Indian food. I prefer to think of it as a fusion of Euro and Indian...not my cup of tea, but I know many people (including some chefs) who think that it is the best restaurant in Vancouver.

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      Thank you! Are there any alternatives for Indian or Chinese but with an ambience for an upscale dinner?

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        Shanghai Chinese Bistro - not too far from you on Alberni for Chinese with a Shanghai/Northern bent. The service, design and ambiance is upscale but not stuffy.

        For Indian - there are a few mediocre places downtown. Akbar's Own on Broadway outside downtown ($15 taxi) is probably the only decent one to speak of in the vicinity. Hopefully someone will chime in with an alternative rec or two.

        There's been some discussion of Indian Food in Vancouver...we have a large Indian population but not too many good Indian restaurants (and we have many mediocre ones). Indian food seems best served at home and at weddings....that's where the real Indian action is at.

    2. Put me in the camp that loves Vij's. You just can't go into it thinking that you're going for authentic Indian food.

      Fuel is simply outstanding restaurant and I recommend it to everybody. Boneta is also very good - the room is more hip/fun than Fuel, but I think Fuel's food is > Boneta.

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        Maybe check out L'altro Buca as well. I haven't been to this outpost but the original on MacDonald is my top Italian (and possibly top period) in town. The setting for the new one in the former Parkside space should fit your criteria and with a larger group I strongly recommend setting up an a la famiglia meal. Here's my post on the one we did last April:

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          Chowhound totally crapped out on me in the midst of trying to add the link in my last post so here it is (I hope):

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          >> Fuel's food is > Boneta.

          Totally agree.