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Apr 7, 2009 08:10 AM

Thoughts on the best spanish tapa experience at inexpensive to moderate range and without regard to cost?

Have only been to Tia Pol so looking for someplace else. One that is priced perhaps on the lower end and another that provides a different experience and hopefully menu as well. Need suggestions for a midweek dinner for two. Thanks

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  1. Txiquito, 9th ave b/w 24-25Sts. the squid ribbons, octopus carpaccio, and anything on bread tastes great... Price is similar to tia pol i believe and portions about the same as well. i just think it's tastier.

    1. I love Bar Carerra. They have locations in the East and West Villages. The truffled egg toast is to die for.

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        Do either Bar Carrera or Txiquito have websites? Cant find sites!

        1. re: mick

          It's spelled Txikito. I also like tapas at Mercat in soho, they have really good tortilla espanol, usually a little runny in the middle. Also really good patatas bravas and short rib stuffed peppers.

          1. re: lanadai

            Mercat was really good. Here's a link to my report (a bit dated - last Spring):


            Perhaps another hound has a more recent experience or maybe I'll go tonight and report back :)

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              I've been to Mercat within the past month and really enjoyed it. Went the first time within a month of it opening and I hated it, but I was convinced to return and it's now a favorite neighborhood place for us. Love the razor clams when they have them. And there has been a marked improvement in service and attitude over time.

              1. re: susan robin

                susan robin, service was rather aloof and relaxed when we went. Good to hear the service is better . . .

              2. re: financialdistrictresident

                Went there last fall, similar experience. One fun option is to sit at the "chef bar" (can't remember what they call it), where you're on the other side of a glass partition from the cooking.
                Some of my dishes that I liked: the blistered peppers, seared greens with pine nuts, garlic, and golden raisins; venison
                Definitely recommend for reasonably priced tapas

            1. re: MMRuth

              yup. basque region of spain, so i guess it's more proper to say it serves pintxos.

            1. re: mick

              Went to the new Boqueria last nite. The one where Kin Kao used to be on Spring St. Everything was really good. The lamb bacon was particularly excellent. Very reminiscent of good pork belly ( which amazed me). The scallop also was great. The croquetta were good , perhaps a little gummy and definitely not as good as Degustation