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Apr 7, 2009 08:06 AM

Macarons in HK?

Hello CH-ers, just wondering if Pierre Herme is finally coming to HK to open a shop. This was the rumor sometime last Aug-Sep.

Barring that, where does one get the best macarons in town?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Maybe Antique on Lyndhurt Tce, or JP Hevin? Not liking the intensely crayon-coloured things at Le Gouter Bernardaud...

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      1. re: e_ting

        Jean Paul Hevin and La Maison du Chocolat are my two picks in Hong Kong. I've been to them on multiple occasions and thought they were decent. Le Gouter on the other hand is something I would avoid. I've only been there once but really disliked it. They tasted really stale and the flavors were really odd. I was actually with a few other friends and they all agreed.

        1. re: hong_kong_foodie

          Oh yum! Some address links:

          Jean-Paul Hevin, Shop 212 Ocean Centre
          Harbour City Kowloon Hong Kong , HK

          Jean-Paul Hevin, Shop 309
          Times Square Causeway Bay Hong Kong , HK

          La Maison du Chocolat, Shop 246 The Mall
          88 Queensway Pacific Place Hong Kong , HK

          1. re: hong_kong_foodie

            thanks for the info, guys! JPH is great, and I haven't tried Gouter Bernardaud (and maybe not won't). no Pierre Herme, then...sigh.

            1. re: hong_kong_foodie

              Agreed about Le Gouter. Simply downright strange. They look pretty, but their textures and flavours are nowhere near what one would want in a macaron.

              JPH has occasional misses. I once got a mango-coriander one that was dry as dust from the Times Square location with a lumpy surface and shattered apart instead of holding together. But I have had decent macarons from both JPH locations before.

              JPH and LMC are also my picks for Hong Kong, which are decent, but Pierre Herme and Sadaharu Aoki (even those from Tokyo) leave them in the dust.

            2. re: e_ting

              Thanks, am very interested to check out Antique. What else is good at the bakery? Address link:

              Antique Patisserie & Fine Chocolates
              46 Lyndhurst Terrace Hong Kong

              1. re: klyeoh

                well I just brought back some Laduree and Pierre Herme from the best macarons in HK are in my apt right now...heh heh...

                1. re: Peech

                  Bonjour Peech! Thats a good one!!!!
                  Bought anything else thats interesting and mouthwatering?

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    Also carried back some caneles from Bordeaux. I absolutely love these! But now I have only a few days to eat all of these things before they expire...looks like my diet won't start until next week

                    1. re: Peech

                      Pity most of the 'gang' is not in HK. Otherwise we can have a chowmeet at your place and give you a hand ( mouth )!! Ha!
                      Enjoy!!!!!!! You're still young! You can handle all the food!!

                      1. re: Peech

                        they gave us caneles as petits fours at cepage - i personally really quite liked them, though shamefully i have to admit i've never had any in france. wonder how they compare to your 'air-freighted' ones from bordeaux?

              2. You can also try Sift, which specializes in cakes and cupcakes but also has macarons. They have a new location in Wanchai (51 E. Queensway). Other locations are on Graham St. in Central and in Horizon Plaza at Ap Lei Chau.