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Apr 7, 2009 08:04 AM

ISO: Picard Peanuts

My stash from our last jaunt to Niagara on the Lake is gone, but don't want to drive out there just for nuts... Their website is wonky and won't give me the info I need. Can I find Picard's anywhere in the 416?

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  1. I don't know where you can source Picard peanuts, but Kernal peanuts are available at a couple of places, including a local-food shop in midtown Toronto. They're fabulous -- small and crisp and very flavourful. By the way, Picard is no longer growing all the peanuts they sell -- they're importing, as well. Kernal peanuts, on the other hand, are all grown in Norfolk County. There's a product listing on their website, and they do ship.

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      The nearest Picards to TO is in St. Jacobs. In the years that I've stopped at their outlets they always did import. The only Ontario product I could ever find were the Redskins and Redskins with garlic. Both versions are available salted and unsalted. Well worth the trip.

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        Closest Picards to TO is in the village of Morriston, which is just south of the 401 at Highway 6 (Brock Road)

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          I saw this place on my way to St. Jacobs farmers market (from Elmira) this weekend. I didn't stop in though. What's the attraction? Could you please provide some recommendations of what to buy if I go back.

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            The main attraction is freshly roasted, Ontario peanuts. As you enter the St. Jacobs store make your way to the left, farthest corner and you will find shelled Ontario peanuts in 1 lb(?) bags. Here is what you want.


            Tucked away in their corner in the large place you would miss them if you didn't know. I guess the only way to describe their attraction is that in anything else you have later you will sense a suggestion of staleness and lack of texture.

            There are rows and aisles of related goodies - various chips, puffs, other nut treatments and crisps. Pretty well all except the expensive chocolates and preserves have generous taste samplers,

      2. Nothing in the 416 or 905. Some little specialty shops carry some packs, but not like the bulk at the Niagara location. Last time I was there I stocked up also. I love the chipnuts!!! You used to be able to order off their webiste.

        I'm in the Durham area and have thought about approaching them about a store out here.

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          I've been to the Waterdown store, drove out from Pickering. They have lots of products.

        2. There is a Pickard's just outside of Waterdown (Going into Burlington) on HWY 5 (Dundas)

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            You can sometimes find them at the St. Lawrence market. They are sold in bulk there.

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              My buddy lives near the Picard's in Waterdown...closer than St. Jacobs.


              The two closest are Waterdown, just of the 403 in Hamilton, as htwonca pointed out, and Morriston, just off the 401 at Hwy 6 South, as Egger pointed out.

              I cannot comment on the Waterdown store selection, but the Morriston store is rather large with a good selection. However, the St. Jacob's store is the main store and you can get peanut butter custom made at that store.

              I wish they had the Extra Fancy Virginia Redskins without the skins.

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                Just for the record, Morriston and Waterdown stores carry the same variety.. they are also identical. The Simcoe location (Windham Centre) is really the main one as that is where the factory is located.. St Jacob's was just the second location and is probably the busiest.

                Also, I've been told that there are plans of opening up a ninth location in Toronto somewhere, although I'm not sure where it would be, so hopefully that will satisfy all the nut happy shoppers! :)

                Also a tip that one of the customers gave me for getting rid of the skins was to rub them in tea towels.. But apparently it's a messy process.

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