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Apr 7, 2009 07:55 AM

Comprehensive list of best Pike Place stall food.

There are good sitdown restaurants in pike Place Market, but the the foodie soul of the market is the standup food stalls . I realize that some are sort of hybrid, so lets be loose with the definitions.

I want your favorite stalls, and the best things to order there.

Let me start:

Uli's, the Merguez on a baguette with mustard.

Three Girls: Reuben on light rye.

What are your faves?

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  1. Reuben at I Love New York Deli, hold the horseradish, dressing on the side
    Spicy Pork at Market Galbee
    1/2 dozen plain at Daily Dozen
    Chocolatine, warm, at Le Panier
    watermelon sorbet, Procopio

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    1. re: not the bad Steve

      Every sandwich I've ever had from ILNY Deli has been better than any sandwich I've ever had from 3 Girls.

      Svedala Bakery is a treasure - holy moly, their princess cake is incredible. Anything they make with marzipan is terrific (they make their own marzipan!)

      I like the pate casse-croute from Le Painier.

      Meat and cheese piroshky from Piroshky Piroshky

      Yes, Uli's merguez on a roll, also the thuringer sausage.

      1. re: terrier

        Piroshky Piroshky is quite possibly the best thing in the market.

        1. re: jpc8015

          I disagree, I like Cafe Yarmarka's piroshky much better. I remember one at PP tasting like it used pre-frozen grated potato inside. Cafe Yarmarka is tucked away in a spot behind Post Alley.


          1. re: seattledebs

            I will certainly check it out next time I am in town.

    2. I'm a diehard fan of the Mee Sum pastry Chinese bakery--try the curried beef humbao.

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      1. re: dagoose

        Keeping meat filled bun theme... Beef and cheese Piroski at Piroshky-Piroshky

        Also, this is a great topic! I'll have visitors here during the summer and this is a good way to see what's hidden in Pike's Place.

      2. A group of us spent 2008 eating at every place in the Market - here's our write up:

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        1. re: Lauren

          Thanks Lauren. Quite a project.

        2. BBQ Baked Bao at Mee Sum
          Chocolate croissant at Le Panier
          Seared Scallop chowder at Pike Place Chowder
          Pizza and a salad at Delaurenti's
          Vegetable Borek @ Turkish Delight
          Gelato @ Procopio
          Meaty sandwich @ ILNY Deli
          Grilled sausage with peppers and fries @ Uli's
          Tacos Asada (with 12 xtra tortillas to go) @ El Puerco Lloron
          Reuben on Rye at 3 Girls, or many other things. Yum soup.
          Halibut sandwich at Market Grill.
          Beef salad at Saigon cafe.
          Livers at Chicken Valley (get buttermilk next door).
          Cherry-chocolate cookie at Svedala.
          Gyro at Mr. Gyro
          Mussels at Maximilien
          Ciopppino, oysters, D. Crab, at Jack's Fish Spot
          Beer at Athenian
          Time for a nap - back later for more..

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          1. re: mrnelso

            Absolutely the Scallop chowder. El Puerco Lloron is definitely up there, Although the stall/ sit down definition is questionable .

            Need to try Saigon cafe and Jack Fish Spot.

          2. Meatloaf sandwich at 3 Girls

            Salmon sandwich at Market Grill

            Spicy Chicken Chili at Turkish Delight

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            1. re: frygirl

              I always enjoy the cashews from the nut vendor across from I love NY Deli.