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Apr 7, 2009 07:54 AM

Sundae Monstrosity

I am looking for a place anywhere in the 5 buroughs (even, gasp, NJ) that can be accessed by public transportation to take my 11 year old son and his friends for a CRAZY HUGE sundae this Friday. I am looking for something of an old fashioned icecream parlor (like Jahn's which seems to be closed) that is casual and not too expensive. I do not want to go to Serendipity. I am avoiding cake since his birthday falls during Passover, but if anyone has any ideas along these lines, it would be very helpful.


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  1. Tragic but true: NYC is not a great (or even decent) ice cream parlor town. FAO Schwartz has an ice cream parlor (or did a year or 2 ago) on the first floor. It's certainly on the pricey side, but it would be really festive, and it's not crazy overpriced. The other end of the spectrum (and price scale) is an old coffee shop with soda fountain in Bay Ridge called Hinsch's (5th Ave. and 85th, a block from the R train). They make all the fountain classics and several many-scoops-plus-many-sauces-plus-nuts-plus-whipped cream-with cherry on top-all over poundcake concoctions. Have fun!

    1. Check out Eddie's Sweet Shop on Metropolitan Ave. in Queens. It's an authentic old ice cream parlor (note that it does show its age) that does all the classics; their ice cream is very good, and their sauces and whipped cream are great.

      1. Eddies is closer to where I live (5 minutes) but we ALWAYS take the 20 -30 minute drive to Valley Stream to go to ITGENS
        it's an old school ice cream parlour and coffee shop
        right now the place is decked out with their housemade easter bunnies and such
        but the star of it all is always their ice cream

        housemade - lots of great flavors - check out java chip my favorite
        super thick fresh whipped cream
        gooey housemade hot fudge

        they have an Attaloyah Hummani Screwball Sundae that comes in one of those huge catering sized salad bowls -
        or you can get banana splits or banana royales (2 vs. 3 scoops) for everyone.

        We've been going there for 4 generations - even had our rehearsal dinner there 25 years ago - owned by the same family for 45 years at least.

        Itgens is at 211 Central Avenue in Valley Stream 516 825 7444
        you can take the Long Island Rail Road to Valley Stream
        and probably best to take the very short cab ride from there
        (is walkable - less than 10 minutes from train station if you know where to go)

        I know its Passover but if you are ever there and its not
        try their burgers - nothing fancy but really great old fashioned burger and fries.

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          I saw this post and when I saw Itgens mentioned I had to chime in. I grew up near Itgens and their sundaes are outrageous. I had many birthday parties there when I was younger. My favorite flavors are their maple walnut and rocky road.

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            Do you know of anyplace I could see a menu for Itgens? That Screwball Sundae you mention sounds about like what I am looking for.

            1. re: samanthainthecity

              Try calling them. Most places that don't have web sites will fax you a copy of their menu.

          2. There's a Friendly's on Staten Island. You said 5 boroughs!

            1. Not an old fashioned ice-cream parlor--but Ben and Jerry's makes a giant sundae. They call it the Vermonster. I know this because a couple of years ago my son went to a party there w/a bunch of boys. He still brags about how he ate more of the Vermonster than anyone else and didn't throw up (some of the others did...). sigh.