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Apr 7, 2009 07:52 AM

Instead of Gastropod...

So, just got news that Gastropod is closing in the coming weeks. I am visiting April 19-22 and had a reservation there, but would rather hit up a place that might be around longer and could continue to be a destination...Ideas along the same lines? Night number one I am doin Chambar (thanks for the idea chowhounders) and the next night an izakaya crawl, but what about night number three? something using plenty of local ingredients and fun and hip but not breaking the bank would be great. I have a 5:30 am train the next day and the prices of the early bird deal at Gastropod were alluring...


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  1. Fuel next door is excellent but doesn't have an early bird deal as far as I know.

    How about Chow? They have an early bird prix fixe from 5-6pm and all day Sundays for $38.

    1. I think Gastropod's replacement Maenam will be setting a new standard for Thai food I think it will be a new destination. I think they will be closed during your stay though.

      Angus An worked under David Thompson at Nahm in London - it is often touted as the finest Thai restaurant in the world (and the only one with Michelin stars). Their plan is a high-value Thai place with authentic flavours....I'm so looking forward to this as Vancouver's Thai scene is sorely lacking.

      I second twinkienic's rec of Fuel (which I prefer over Gastropod) and Chow. Pied a Terre, La Buca 1 and 2 would be good too.

      1. Bistrot Bistro across the street from Fuel and Gastropod does Prix FIxe Sunday thru Thursday. 3 courses for 26 bucks. very tasty french bistro food.

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          Wow, lots of deals in Vancouver if you are an early diner!

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            Yes there are many <$30 early birds and prix early then do some cocktail & tapas later in the evening!

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