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Apr 7, 2009 07:42 AM

Jalapenos with brisket

My wife lived in Texas for a year. She says when you are served brisket you get a slice of onion and jalapenos - which you cut up and eat with pieces of your brisket. I am smoking a brisket this weekend - what type of jalapenos are the traditionally served - fresh or pickled?

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  1. It depends on personal preference and heat level.

    I am a chile fanatic so it has to be fresh. If you are eating a chopped or sliced bbq sandwich it would be more compatible for pickled jalapenos along with fresh onions and pickles.

    1. I would say pickled are most common, but why don't you throw some fresh ones in the smoker for a while?mmmmm

      1. If I was you. I would get about 10-12 jalapenos, cut the stem end off and hollow them out, put some cream cheese in them; wrap a slice of bacon around the outside then smoke them up. Jalapeno poppers.....mmmmmmmm.

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          We do the same, but we often use parmigiano reggiano by itself, or a mixture with cream cheese. I also by the best bacon I can, like you get from a butcher shop.

        2. Be advised that fresh jalapenos are hotter than pickled. Also, when fresh jalepeons are heated/grilled/smoked (I've never had them with the seeds and ribs removed) the oils are released and they can be REALLY hot. That's not a bad thing - just be aware of it.

          Why not try both/all and make your own decision on your preference. Variety is never a bad thing.

          1. Here's a great trick I learned from my mother-in-law for reducing the heat in fresh jalapenos. After you stem them and scoop out the seeds and veins, soak them in heavily salted water for a few hours. Takes the bite out of them!

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            1. re: Carrollton Foodie

              Good God - why would you want to do that????

                1. re: billieboy

                  Yeah, I know, that's pretty un-Texan of me ... heresy. But some folks like the flavor of jalapenos (after all, they're a flavor enhancer kind of like salt or vanilla) but can't tolerate the heat. For those who can't stand the jalapeno tongue burn, cooling it down a little lets them enjoy jalapenos without pain.