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Apr 7, 2009 07:23 AM

Wedding Anniv on a Sunday

Hi all. I'm a Baltimore 'hound who will be visiting New Orleans for my wedding anniversary the first weekend in May. I'm looking for some help.

Our actual anniversary is on a Sunday and my wife and I are looking for someplace nice. We will be staying in the warehouse district and won't have a car, so some place we could walk to or an easy cab ride would be preferable. In particular we are looking for a place that is ...

1. open on Sunday
2. nice enough we won't feel out of place in dress/"upscale" clothes
3. has great food, but not necessarily a formal meal. Maybe a real nice wine bar we could go for a few drinks, or a place we can sit at the bar and have some small bites and a nice drink

Thanks in advance. I've already scoured the board for my other meals and will be sure to post a full report of my trip.

Ok, N.O. hounds, do your thing...

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  1. Stella is probably your best bet. Excellent, upscale food and most importantly, open on Sunday. Galatoire's is open, too.

    1. If you're looking for something close to the area that you can walk to that is a nice bar, Tommy's wine bar is nice. Also...wherever you plan to have dinner, make sure you make reservations as soon as possible as that is JazzFest weekend.

      1. Emeril's is also very close and I highly recommend it. I'd suggest before dinner drinks at Tommy's Wine Bar followed by dinner at Emeril's.

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          Thanks. The website for Tommy's indicates it is closed on Sundays. Do you mean to imply it is open THAT Sunday because of JazzFest?

          1. re: KAZ

            Don't think it will be but W.I.N.O. ( is a very cool substitute.


            1. re: KAZ

              Ooops. I didn' t know it was closed on Sundays. Another option would be Helix wine bar in Lee circle. I'm not sure if that is open on Sundays or not and I don't see it on their website...


              1. re: KAZ

                Another great option for drinks is Wolfe's in the Warehouse. It's also great for dinner.


                ...And they are open Sunday!

            2. I really have enjoyed GW Fins when I have been there. dba is good for cocktails, but not sure if it is still open. Another seafood hit is Bourbon House. Also, Dantes Kitchen is open Sundays( I am pretty sure) I can't really bring to mind anything that is open Sundays in the Warehouse District. Cafe Degas in Mid City is a nice bistro that may be enjoyable for a light meal in a great setting. Bombay Club has good appetizers and a "martini bar". Sundays seem to be a difficult day! Good luck and Happy Anniversary