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Apr 7, 2009 07:02 AM

Sundae Monstrosity

I am looking for a place anywhere in the 5 buroughs (even, gasp, NJ) that can be accessed by public transportation to take my 11 year old son and his friends for a CRAZY HUGE sundae this Friday. I am looking for something of an old fashioned icecream parlor (like Jahn's which seems to be closed) that is casual and not too expensive. I do not want to go to Serendipity. I am avoiding cake since his birthday falls during Passover, but if anyone has any ideas along these lines, it would be very helpful.


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  1. I just read something about "Sweetiepie's" humongous sundae. Sounds incredible (though not sure about pricing):

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      I had looked at Sweetiepie's, especially since it is in our neighborhood, but it has gotten quite a few not so great reveiws, and I hear that they use chocolate sauce as opposed to hot fudge.

    2. Can you describe what it is about Serendipity that you want to avoid? 'Cause otherwise my brain is just going "what else is like serendipity?" but it sounds ilke you're looking for something else.

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        Serendipity always feels so touristy to me. And, in all honesty, I am not SUPER crazy about the UES. Plus, I then need to dodge around Dylan's and I would rather not do that as well.

        1. re: samanthainthecity

          I have not actually been to this place yet but I have meant to - I have read really good things about Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (info below)... and it looks like it's in this cute little house on the water, maybe someone who's been there can give more details. Plus, it's in Dumbo. When I was 11, I would have found that funny :) Also this is not about food but apparently you can take a water taxi to get there, which might be a fun added element for your son and his friends.

          1 Water St., Brooklyn, NY, 11201
          nr. Old Fulton St.

          1. re: Adrienne

            Thank you. Certainly getting there will be part of the fun. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is a great spot from what I understand, but does not have a HUGE sundae. I am picturing something that will make their little jaded new york eyes pop.

            1. re: samanthainthecity

              Perhaps you could call and put in a special request? My thought is that these days people are willing to take suggestions. I would almost think that a special sundae made just for your son and his friends would be something to make a great memory for his 11th bday. Enjoy!

              1. re: bostonfoodie111

                Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory isn't a good place for a group of kids--at least this time of year. There are only one or two tables inside--its a take-out shop. The ice cream is delicious but this does not seem the right occassion. How about the The Soda Shop on CHambers street? The ambiance seems right and they have sundaes on the menu.

                Soda Shop
                125 Chambers St, New York, NY 10007

                1. re: prdct

                  Ditto, there's nowhere really to sit once you do get your ice cream.

            2. re: Adrienne

              i just found lula's sweet apothecary on yelp. it sounds like what you might be looking for. i agree with you on serendipity. i've gone there a dozen times with out of town guests who are dying to go. the waits are ridiculous, it's super overpriced and touristy, and it's not even THAT good. i don't get that place. I always walk past Sundaes & Cones in the East Village, but it's always on my way to a subway after a huge meal. it looks cute.

              1. re: kim e

                BTW, Lula's is vegan ice cream, in case that matters to you.

                Sundaes and Cones is pretty good, and the staff are quite friendly. There's not a whole lot of seating though. I'm not sure how how many friends you are trying to cram in around a table.

                1. re: kim e

                  Jahn's is still open (the one in Jackson Heights). A true old-time ice cream parlor experience.

                  1. re: Will4Food

                    Do you know if they have a menu posted anywhere?

                    1. re: Will4Food

                      Jahn's kitchen sink sundae should do the trick.

            3. If it matters to you, you may want to check on whether any of these places you're looking at uses corn syrup or soy lecithin in their ice cream.

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                1. I'm picturing you're thinking of something like the huge sundae on the menu at Friendly's (a chain found all over the 'burbs) and these don't quite fit the bill, but I've always wanted to try the sundae at Blue Ribbon Bakery....and I also recently picked up a menu from the ice cream place at Sweet Melissa in Brooklyn that sounded outrageous, but I can't attest to anything beyond how good it sounded. (Haven't tried either.)