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Apr 7, 2009 06:40 AM

ethnic kids food

me and my family are planning a day trip (from vermont) to montreal in a couple weeks. we want to go somewhere that has good ethnic (indian, african, anything besides european and mexican) food and is accommodating to a 3 year old and a 7 month old for a lunch time feast. i saw some of the older posts but was wondering if anybody had any other ideas. (i want to go to APDC but my wife thinks it looks disgusting)


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  1. For amazing Indian food, try Bombay Choupati. It's in a strip-mall on the corner of Sources and Gouin in Pierrefonds (West Island). For delicious Korean, try Hwang Kum in NDG on Sherbrooke near Clifton. Both restaurants are kid-friendly, delicious and inexpensive.

    1. Megdala (Ethiopian) is ideal! A place where everyone eats with their hands? Great!

      I second Bombay Choupati, but it is quite a ways away from downtown.

      For closer, the Indian places in Parc extension are great, I really love Moti Mehal and Halal 687 (or whatever the number is), but there are many fine places to eat on that strip.

      Avesta on St. Catherine is a great place for Turkish food. The flat bread is so unique and delicious. Apparently the little meatballs are also excellent, although I have not yet had the goof fortune to try them yet :(

      Pho Lien for excellent Pho (on Cote des Nieges) - my absolute favorite lunchtime meal.

      Dumplings at Qing Hua Dumplings - so homey and delicious. We brought my friend's kids, and they loved it. The staff were very kind too.

      I'm always fond of Maison Bulgogi for Korean. the pa jon is great if you like seafood. THis is a bit of a student hangout though, so if you are looking for fancier, this ain't it. I also find the menu at Miga (also Korean) very kid friendly, we've had good luck feeding various youngsters there.

      I am always a fan of Oui and Oui and Cuisine Szechuan, but I woudl caution that some of their items might not go down so well with young kids, very spicy, very full of Sichaun peppercorns, etc.
      I would say that most of the ethnic places are usually very accomodating when it come to kids, so I wouldn't be too stressed about it.

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        Just back from Cafe Avesta after reading your post to the person from Vermont who wanted a kid-friendly ethnic restaurant. It was delicious, fresh and not expensive. We'll definitely be going back and we'll bring the kids next time. Thanks for the recommendation.

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          "Apparently the little meatballs are also excellent, although I have not yet had the goof fortune to try them yet :("

          He hee someone has been eating too many meatballs? I am guessing you meant dumplings. Yes, they are fantastic.

        2. I strongly suggest a dim sum experience for you and your children. Kam Fung or Ruby Rouge in Chinatown are good, but get there around 11:30 so as not to have too long a wait. If you want a downtown location for kid friendly Chinese, Prete a Manger or Wok Cafe on Saint-Catherine are both very kid friendly - we bring groups of children from our daycare there every year.

          1. Not sure if it's what you're after, but Chinatown is always fine with small children. You can go at 10 or 11PM and the places will be packed with families and small children.

            1. Peit Alep would be nice for great syrian food and it's not very expensive. Café Byblos could also be a fun spot for late brunch. This one is Iranian.

              On a side note, your wife should look at the big picture as far as APDC is concerned. It may seem gross but the food is glorious and good.