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Apr 7, 2009 06:27 AM

Pizza Fusion? Richmond or elsewhere. - moved from South board

There's a new one in Richmond near me and I haven't been. Just wondered if anyone had, or had thoughts about it from visiting others since it's a franchise. Looks like a great idea, but they seem to have done little/no marketing and i reallyl haven't heard much about it.
Only one person who'd been and told me about it. I'd have never known it was a unique place without that and wouldn't have made my way to a pizza place on broad - but now i'm intrigued...

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  1. I have not heard of it......I am intrigued as well!

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    1. re: Janet from Richmond

      i've gotten one new report that it was bad pizza delivered in a hybrid car. :) but i'm not certain it's from someone whose taste i agree with and i think i'd try eating in first - especially since the person who ate in thought it was great. we'll see. i'll make it one of these days.

      it's in the same strip as trader joes FYI. right next to where another cupcake shop is supposedly going in.

    2. One recently opened in Naperville Illinois, my vegetarian friends liked it. Their food is all healthy, some gluten free, organic, vegan and not pizza like you may think of.

      1. We have a Pizza Fusion in Miami and since my husband cannot eat gluten we have eaten there quite often. I think there is definately better pizza places in miami, however the fact that my husband can feel normal and eat Pizza like everyone else with a glass of wine makes it worth it. I would recomend going, if you are looking for a checkered tablecloth, candle in the chianti glass kind of place then dont go, but if you want a good organic pizza and a great glass of wine, go have a nice dinner!

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