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HUGE Brisket Problem!

I just realized that the brisket recipe I've used before with great success calls for beer! I can't use beer for Passover. Please tell me if I need to forget this recipe or if I can just make it without beer with good results. I can't believe I just thought of this.

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  1. My favorite brisket recipe is just cutting up onion, garlic, carrots, celery and any other veggies you desire, don't forget the salt & pepper, pouring them over the brisket with a bit of water and letting her rip. No beer necessary...ew...

    1. our favorite brisket recipe is 2 cups of ginger ale, a packet of onion soup mix and a tablespoon of instant coffee (yes you heard me correctly, instant coffee)

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        My family recipe for brisket (I'm so ashamed to admit this) calls for a can of Coke and a packet of Goodman's Onion Soup Mix. I'm sure it can be done using Passover Coke and a brand of onion soup mix that's Kosher for Passover. I suspect that if you follow your own recipe, but simply substitute Passover Coke for the beer, you'll be surprised by the results.

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          well if you think about it coke is really caffeinated ginger ale ;-)

          so the our recipes are pretty similar

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            I just love the Ginger Ale recipie. I am curious if using Diet Ginger Ale or Diet Coke would work i.e. does the sugar in the soda play a major role.

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              I'd worry more about the fat content meat that little bit of residual sugar that ends up on the meat

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                More an issue of carb then sugar, the brisket would be zero carbs, but I guess the amount of ginger ale in the gravy and meat would not be that great - although I do love the gravy.

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                The sugar is the ONLY thing that plays a role, otherwise it's just schtick.

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                  Aspartame's ( the artificial sweetener in diet soda) components separate when heated over time, resulting in a loss of sweetness. Therefore, aspartame is not recommended for use in recipes requiring lengthy heating or baking. It may, however, be added at the end of the cooking cycle in some recipes. If a food containing aspartame is inadvertently heated, it would still be safe, but would simply not provide the desired sweetness.

          2. I'd try replacing the beer with red wine and water. Can't be too bad, right? Thanks.

            1. Hmm, reading your other post on home cooking, you may have a problem with the Heinz Chili Sauce too, which has corn syrup in it. Thank you.

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                I'll give up the beer....but not the chili sauce! We aren't that strict!

              2. There's actually a K for P beer out there. It's produced by Ramapo Valley Brewery - http://www.rvbrewery.com/ - I can't vouch for it. And technically it's not beer, but a mead. But it is sold as "beer." It is certified kosher for P. I don't know where it's sold and their website isn't very helpful.

                From their website:
                id you know that Ramapo Valley Brewery is the only Kosher brewery in the United States and the only brewery certified Kosher for Passover.

                All of our beers have been Kosher certified by Rabbi Zushe Vosef Blech, 30 Mariner Way, Monsey, NY. Tel: 845-364-5381 All bottles carry our Kosher Certification symbol.

                1. I saw the ginger-ale so maybe you could use that. My friend uses coke (the soda). Personally, I've tried other friend's advice for their BEST brisket but I follow a recipe I found in Gourmet many years ago that is sure fire always. Slice and saute 6-7 sweet onions until brown. Add 6-7 garlic cloves crushed at the end. S & P and some good paprika. Heat your roasting pan in 425 oven. Sear your brisket that's been coated with olive oil and S&P . Cover meat w/ the onion mixture, cover with foil and roast for 3-31/2 hrs. Cool and separate onions from meat. Put in fridge over nite. Next day separate fat from onions. Puree in blender or processor. Add broth or H20 to make 4 cups. Heat in oven proof pan. Place sliced brisket in hot gravy and heat in oven (covered) 350 until hot. Simple, basic and delish!

                  1. I like susie fishbein's recipe of brisket with sauerkraut and tomato sauce. Martha Stewart had on Arthur Schwartz yesterday and he did a brisket recipe-check her site marthastewart.com

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                      Thank you everyone and Happy Passover. I feel like I want to make 6 different briskets and try everyone's recipes.

                    2. My wife uses the same recipe, and found you can substitute STRONG black coffee and be very satisfied with the results

                      1. http://shabbatandchagim.blogspot.com/...

                        Try this recipe - you'll never make a brisket any other way!

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                          Sounds interesting. Would you please tell me what size jar of red horseradish is needed for the 5 lb. brisket? The recipe does not specify.
                          Thanks, p.j.

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                            i made this recipe a couple of months ago, from some shul cookbook, and it was outrageous, we quadruples the horseradish and used deli mustard instead of dry mustard and it was incredible

                            i dont know sizes, bc i kinda eye the meat, but it was a costco size brisket and those are all pretty mucht he same size, if that helps

                            definitely worth a try

                            Here's the brisket recipe

                            Large fresh brisket


                            1 cup ketchup 1 Tbsp.instant onion

                            1 cup water 2Tbsp.cider vinegar

                            1tsp salt 1 Tbsp.dry mustard

                            1/4 tsp. pepper 1 Tbsp horseradish

                            Mix marinade and spread over brisket. Cover with foil & refrigerate overnight. Bake in 325

                            oven about 4 hours.

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                              Just to be sure.....you used 4 tablespoons of horseradish? white or red does it make a difference? and a tablespoon of deli mustard? Do you uncover it to cook or do you bake it in the same foil? What is "instant onion"? As you can probably tell I am not very good with other peoples recipes but this sounds delicious and I would not want to make mistakes. Thanks

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                                we used red the first time and a combo the second time (bc we had a lttle left in two diffe)rent jars but u want to use the stuff that has some kick, not the stuff thats labele extra sweet

                                we lft it covered, that generally how people make briskets unless theyre smoking them

                                instant onion is that onion soup mix

                                it was delicious, shockingly
                                sorry it to took so lon to respond