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Apr 7, 2009 04:43 AM

Converting crockpot recipe to dutch oven

So I'm making

But I hate my crockpot, it makes everything taste, well, like it was cooked in a crockpot.

So what I'm wondering, for this recipe, and recipes in general, what time/heat ratio should i use to convert a crockpot recipe to CI dutch oven.

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  1. The following is for cooking in a Dutch oven in the oven:
    12 hours/Low - 3 hours/325° F
    10 hours/Low - 2 1/2 hours/325° F
    8 hours/Low - 2 hours/325° F
    6 hours/Low - 1 1/2 hours/325° F
    5 hours/Low - 1 hour, 15 min./325° F
    4 hours/Low - 1 hour/325° F
    4 hours/High - 2 hours/325° F
    3 hours/Low - 45 min./325° F
    3 hours/High - 1 1/2 hours/325° F

    Here's the link:

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      Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it.

      1. re: JBethell

        if your oven can reliably maintain a temperature under 325, i'd sure dial it down and extend the times. (honestly, the conversions here seem quite brisk, in general.)

    2. Another option is to look up a chuck or pot roast recipe using the oven. Since dishes like this usually benefit from sitting, I'd make it the evening before, when I wasn't pressed for time. Just from experience cooking chuck, I'd suggest 325 for about 3 hrs. But tenderness of the meat matters more than time.

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        I ended up just using the times as a guide, and just kind of went by feel, checked the meat every so often, when it was ready to shred, I took it out, and for anyone who hasn't tried it, that recipe turned out EXCELLENT!