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Apr 6, 2009 10:11 PM

Pinconning Cheese Company [Michigan]

I posted here last year asking questions on how to find that yummy Pinconning Cheese I remember from my growing-up days in Michigan. I found the website and ordered the extra sharp Pinconning cheese, the red pepper flake cheese curds and the pickled ring bologna.

I'm sorry to report I was disappointed on all counts, the bologna being the best of the very expensive lot....and their customer service was nonexistant......NO response to three e-mails and two phone calls...that rang and rang and one EVER answered!

The only way I discovered my order had been filled was seeing the charge on my credit card statement ......and the order showing up on my doorstep several days later. Fortunate that I happened to return home early; otherwise the food would have sat on my front porch ...... who knows how long.

The sharp cheese was good but I can find many other brands far superior and at less price; the cheese curds, terrible. I've tossed them in the trash. The pickled bologna was good but never will I pay that price again and never will I order from this dreadful, in my opinion, company again. The shipping rates were unreasonably high as well.

What a terrible waste of my money and such disappointment in the taste of the products I used to love when I lived in Michigan. So sad.

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  1. I stopped and purchansed some meats and cheeses in Pinconning in January. I was also disapointed. My tastes and expectations have changed a lot over the years.

    Even threw out the smoked curds after trying 3 or 4.

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    1. re: KansasTravel

      I had a discussion on that esoteric subject (changing tastes and expectations) this morning due to my negative experience with Pinconning Cheese Co.: Does a memory expectation of a prior experience supersede what is now presented and experienced as "The Food" item in question?

      After lengthly discussion, we agreed on two items: Happy memories do create a happy expectation. But the issue of product quality and customer service are measurable quantities and Pinconning Cheese failed on both tests. The product is NOT as good as I remember and the "not "- customer service is abject. They have lost another customer.

    2. In the future you may want to consider ordering from Williams. I order from them for gifts several times a year and I have always been pleased with the service and quality.

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      1. re: Fritter

        I agree Williams is the best place to get your goods.

        1. re: Fritter

          Thank you, and firestalker, for recommending Williams. I signed up on-line and within three days, a Williams catalog arrived at my house! Now, this is customer service and their prices are 1/3 those of that other sorry excuse.

          Williams also has a larger selection of products I'm interested in, and I've just placed a good-sized order, can hardly wait to start tasting, but their customer service and prices are what will keep me coming back. Thanks for the tip!

          1. re: eartha

            I'll look forward to hearing what you think. The people at Williams are very friendly.
            Next time you order make sure you get a loaf of the cheese bread!
            The Horseradish cheese spread is a favorite here.

            1. re: Fritter

              I swear that I have seen Williams at a Kroger's.

              I will look on next visit.

              FWIW I hate Kroger but it is by far the closest to my place.

              1. re: JanPrimus

                I discovered Williams cheeses first at my local Kroger. Terrific products. But alas, the two Kroger I shop both discontinued them.

                1. re: JanPrimus

                  Skip Krogers high prices and stop at Williams on your way to TC! It's not far off I-75 at all. Exit at Linwood just north of Bay City. Plug the address off the web site into Mapquest. When you leave Williams just head North to Pinconning and turn left at the only light. This will take you right back to I-75.
                  Quick and easy!


          2. I can't help you with the cheese - but if you're looking for some good pickled ring bologna - my local favorite is from the Dearborn Sausage Co. I really like it. It reminds me of summers Up North and it hasn't disappointed yet.

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            1. re: wolfmonk

              I totally missed that in the OP! I thought I was the only one that enjoyed Pickled ring bologna. I grew up in N. Mi. When I was a kid many of the party stotres made their own. Each time I have a slice I think of hunting or fishing with my dad. We always had cheese and ring bologna.
              IIR Williams carries that as well in the store as well as Amish roll butter.

            2. Gotta go to Wilson's Cheese Shoppe . It's the one with the giant mouse on the roof . Every other Thursday ( not sure if it's the 1st and 3rd or the 2nd and 4th ) the mild colby is " squeaky " , i.e. it is so fresh it makes your teeth squeak when you chew it . Fabulous . Other than that day or so , it's just cheese . Gotta give a shout out for the fresh smoked fish in those parts , too . Smoked sable and whitefish for like $ 5.99 a pound ? Come on .