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Looking for Boston Restaurant for Grad Dinner

My son is graduating from MIT on Friday June 5. Coming from San Francisco, we are pretty food-savvy and looking for a nice dinner spot for 8 that's got great food and is not too noisy. French, Italian, seafood all possible. $60-$70 a head with wine is the rough price range.

Thanks for any and all input.

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  1. You may want to do a search as this question is often asked. However, my first choice would be Prezza in the North End.

    1. For seafood you have two great options: B&G Oyster in the South End or Neptune Oyster in the North End. They should fit in your price point just fine.

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        neptune doesn't take reservations and fitting a party of 8 on a summer friday would be a pipe dream. unsure of the b&g rezzie policy, because i'm a hater.

        i like prezza; hammersley's, sel de la terre, and troquet could also fit the op's price point.

      2. Both B& G and Neptune are good but not a places I would go for a celebration with a group as they are very small and casual. Sorellina in Copley Square is a beautiful restaurant with great food and service (Italian). WE have done groups of 8 there and it was perfect. Also it is not noisey.

        1. There's always good old tried and true Legal Seafood....yum

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              No no no! Not Legal's. When I was in college like 10 years ago it was ok, but now...not so much. Besides, there are much better places to go. No offense donnahobrien. Anyhow, I do agree w/ Prezza. Union in the S. End is really good. Eastern Standard in Kenmore would work & is good, provided it's not on a Red Sox game night or another graduation night (e.g. BU).

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                Hey Donna, I'm sorry your post was met with such protest, especially since its your first one. I've actually never tried Legal since it gets such mixed reviews, but hey if you've tried it multiple times and its remained true... then awesome. I intend to go at some point this month to see if it's really as good or bad as people say.

                Since ksherak will be visiting Boston for only a couple days, it's probably best to stay away from the local chains and try something else in the city.

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                  I meant no offense, but I have been to Legal's a few times recently hoping that it would be good, but unfortunately, each time it wasn't very good. Just my own opinion of course.

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                  We go to Legal Seafood with some frequency- it is sort of our go to place when we don;t feel like cooking. Usully sit at the bar. I am always surprised at the apparently almost universal dislike of Legal on this board. The oysters are consistently fresh and briny. The drinks are excellent and the wine list has a very good selection and is reasonable. You can get almost any kind of fish here prepared how you want. The warm rolls and the side dishes and salads are good. They are willing to make almost any kind of substitution you want (it comes with rice and spinach and you want onion rings and fries-sure!). We go to Framingham and Chestnut Hill and find the service to be very attentive and friendly.
                  Given our experience ( and we eat out requently at high end places in town) I am thinking that the Chestnut Hill and Framingham branches must have better managment or chefs or both. A mystery. All that said, I would choose Sorellina or Prezza for a celebratory occasion.

                3. You might enjoy Meritage in the Boston Harbor Hotel. Food is good, the room is pretty, not too noisy, with a nice view of the Harbor- it has a celebratory feel to it. It has underground parking and you can stroll around the waterfront before or after dining. It may be pushing your price limit, though.

                  I'd also suggest checking out: http://www.bostonchefs.com/ That has a lot of the nicer restaurants in the area listed. Then narrow it down to a few and ask the board again.

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                    I would second Meritage as it does have an elegant, special-occasion feel to it. AND, the view iof the harbor is stunning! It is a hotel restaurant, incidentally.

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                      3rd for Meritage. We when for visit to my sisters. It was a Sunday brunch. But what I remember most is that through the serviced little "tapas" kept coming from the servers through our meal. A shot gas of truffelled cream of potato soup had us swooning. Small skewers of meat....and aroncinnie (spell) were a wonderfull surprise. MAKE SURE to call ahead and request a window seat tell them this is special & think of something you want & a fine hotel will provide it. Yes it is a holtel....but many times I find special requests are celebrated more in a hotel environment as these are all professionals. Not that other fine Boston restaurants don't give special attention...but in a fine hotel environment you probably have numerous layers of management looking out for you pleasure. Also its always fun to meet in a fine lobby in a big comfy chair with all your geusts. My family (mosty me LOL) like to have two rounds of drink and conversation before we start to paroose the menu. I've & had better succees in a fine hotel as they are used to geusts who have no where else to go. Hope you dinner is fine...and congrats to the GRAD!

                  2. Mamma Maria (kind of upscale Northern Italian) would be a good choice, too. Don't let the tacky name scare you. It's a very nice restaurant.

                    1. Prezza and Sorrelina are both great choices. I also love the Oak Room. That may be outside the price bracket though. We must've missed the boat with Mamma Maria's though. After reading great reviews and finally visiting one recent Tuesday, it was quite disappointing. The place is lovely, the food was just OK. Lamb meatballs were very dry as was the cous cous that came with the lamb dinner. Lobster raviolli was fine but not impressive. Should have skipped the apple dessert, again nothing special. Our meal at Prezza was much more memorable. I am a fan of Union in So. End and Davio's on Arlington St as well.