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Apr 6, 2009 08:29 PM

660 Mediterranean Kitchen

has anyone been?

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  1. I hosted a dinner for 25 people there on March 23rd. Service was pretty good, food was excellent. The prosciutto wrapped dates with gorgonzola and endive were wonderful, the mussels & chorizo (made into an entree) was great, and I had short ribs with gnocchi and a spicy sauce (not on menu) that was just really, really good. One friend proclaimed them the second best short ribs in Miami. I also liked the creme brulee, although real connoisseurs of the dessert were picky. My group was *very* pleased with the wines we were served as well. On a Monday night there were very few people. The ambiance is nice, too. It was a very nice experience! I very much recommend 660 Mediterranean Kitchen.