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Apr 6, 2009 07:56 PM

Culinary tour of East Boston

My husband and I are on the prowl for the most authentic, spiciest, most delicious restaurants Eastie has to offer.
We've already been to Angela's and the pizza place (name escapes me - the famous one you can see from the airport).
Please fork over some recommendations! We love all types of food.

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  1. Pizza place = Santiarpio's

    Try the ceviche at Rincón Limeño

    1. I've called Eastie the most underrated chow destination in Boston, though I've barely begun to scratch the surface myself, but some places I've been to and like include: Angela's Cafe (my favorite Mexican in Boston), Santarpio's (the famous pizza place, though I prefer the kebabs), Rincon Limeno (Peruvian), Taqueria El Rancho Grande (inexpensive Mexican), Pupuseria Mama Blanca (Salvadoran), Ecco (casual, trendy bistro), Dough (gourmet pizza, sandwiches), Carmen's Kitchen (casual Italian-American), Royal Roast Beef (counter-service Greek-run fried seafood and roast beef sandwich place), Cafe 303 (good little indie cafe), El Paisa (nice-looking Colombian place), Belle Isle (moslty takeout shore food and fish market). I know I'm forgetting some.

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        Had a gigantic lobster roll at Belle Isle Seafood the other day. They are $18 (used to be like $13) which is still a pretty good price considering the size. They don't overload them with mayo and you can even ask for them with no mayo and butter instead which I like.

      2. I would agree with what's been posted, and add the following:

        Rosticeria Cancun in Maverick Square - good roast chicken and excellent pupusas - truly a hole in wall, as they only have limited counter space along both walls (I know they opened a new place on Meridian, but I love the feel of the original)

        Roy's on Marion Street - excellent cold cuts, nice candy selections, and my favorite italianesque sub anywhere, the Roy's special

        El Chalan on Chelsea Street - if you're just in the mood for pollos a la brasa

        Betty Anns on Bennington - if you're around before 8 am, excellent donuts

        Peaches and Cream/Betos on Bennington - my favorite alfajores

        Fria Rico on Bennington - stock up on Peruvian supplies, including a very good aji sauce (in a pouch, not in a jar) if you're there on the weekend, grab a few tamales for breakfast the next day.

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        1. re: El Guapo

          A few of those going on my list, thanks!

          Do you happen to know how Beto's alfajores compare to the ones they retail at Rincón Limeño, which I know are imported from Peru?

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            I think they are very similar. Can't remember if there is much of a difference in price. The packaging is almost identical. Another thing I had recently at Betos was what they called, if I remember correctly, "mil pisos", a thousand floors, which was many layers of a thin wafer like cookie, with manjar blanco (the alfajor filling) in between.

            1. re: El Guapo

              i like the alfajores better at rincon limeno. the shortbread has a nice crumbly texture and they're filled with lots of smooth and creamy dulce de leche. the alfajores at peaches and cream are flatter, crispier, and don't contain nearly as much filling

        2. As if you don't have enough...

          Rino's Place on Saratoga St. has excellent house-made pasta. It is the type of huge-portioned red-sauce joint that may be ubiquitous in the North End, but the quality is much better. My personal favorite dish is their “Matriciana.” And, like most of the places you might visit in Eastie and have been recommended, as a bonus you get a healthy dose of character from both the patrons and the servers.

          Donna’s in Orient Heights is a diner-type location (only open from ~6-1 or so) that has an extra-healthy dose of the aforementioned character. Donna herself - quite extraordinarily considering the size of the space - takes all orders personally. Although it may not be the most ultimate Chow destination, the food is quite good and worth a visit, if only to get a true sense of the local color.

          1. i think there are more underrated chow destinations than east boston but here are some of my favorites from the area...

            el buen gusto (salvadoran)
            rincon limeno (peruvian)
            el paisa (colombian)
            el jardin (colombian/panaderia)
            el penol (colombian)
            el chalan (peruvian)
            topacio (salvadoran)
            taqueria el rancho grande (mexican)
            taqueria jalisco (mexican)
            beto's/peaches and cream (peruvian/bakery)
            frio rico (peruvian market with prepared foods and desserts)
            meridian food market (italian market with hot/cold subs and prepared foods)
            saigon hut (vietnamese)