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Apr 6, 2009 07:21 PM

Could I doctor bought pizza dough into hot cross buns?

Just wondering? I've got a real yen for them and I don't know how to make bread...

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    1. They're really not in the same family. Pizza dough is basically a no- or low-fat concoction of flour, water, salt and yeast, sometimes with some olive oil (not my personal favorite). Hot cross buns are a rich, fatty dough that's usually made with eggs, butter, sugar and milk.

      Now, if you have a "pan pizza" style dough, you could make some excellent cinnamon rolls out of that by rolling it flat, putting pats of butter every couple of inches, coating it all with lots of cinnamon and sugar, then rolling it up and slicing it into rounds. This would even **kind of** work with Neopolitan-style pizza dough.

      But hot cross buns are a totally different beast. Don't be afraid to try it. Baking isn't nearly as hard as some would have you believe, and something like sweet rolls are a great place to start. This recipe is very good:

      1. Don't fear yeast! You can make hot cross buns, but not out of pizza dough, sorry. If you want us to walk you through a recipe, let us know. I'm trying to think if there's anything available retail you could make them from, let me think and I'll get back to you.

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          I didn't really think it would work but you never know! I made a pizza with some fresh bought pizza dough the other night and it made me wonder what else I could do with it... and hot cross buns are seasonal. Somebody suggested using frozen bread dough? I don't think I've ever seen such a beastie!

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            Yeah, I can't think of any frozen or refrigeratd bread dough that is sweetened without being already made up into connamon rolls or pull apart bread or something already not hot cross bunnish. There are some who don't sweeten the dough for hot cross buns, but to me, that's just a dinner roll with a frosting cross, bleh. To me, they need raisins and sugar and a little bit of cinnamon or cardamom to be a hot cross bun. Maybe you could thaw some kind of dough like Rhodes, mix in some cinnamon spiced sugar and raisins, but I don't know how well it'd work to be honest. The sugar really needs to be added with liquids to properly dissolve when you're making a yeast dough, so you might end up with a strange hot cross bun with that method! Maybe the raisins alone would be sweet enough without any added sugar? Just give each bun a nice thick frosting cross?!?

            1. re: amyzan

              I tried the 'doctored-up frozen breaddough' approach today, because if it worked out it would be the least messy way to make enough hot cross buns for the church... alas, it's a lot more hassle (and ooey gooey sticky mess) than it sounds like it should be! The recipe I found called for soaking the fruit to plump it, which leaves it kind of gooey, and then you add the sugar and spice into the fruit, spread out the dough, add the fruit and knead it in. It ends up VERY gooey and sticky and I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be any more effort to make the dough from scratch! It had more than enough fruit in it, and just enough sugar (hot cross buns aren't supposed to be sugary-sweet), but not nearly enough spice.

              On the good side, the buns tasted yummy when they were done. One loaf of bread dough plus fruit made a dozen hot cross buns and we devoured half of them straight out the oven. The other half will be toasted for breakfast, and then I'll try making the real thing.

        2. Pillsbury hot roll mix is probably a good starting point for this---it actually is a yeast dough but its set up in an easy format a lot like a cake mix but with rising time.