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Apr 6, 2009 06:54 PM

Hoosier Mama Pie shop

Has anyone tried the pies? Any recommendations regarding the pies?

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  1. I'd like to try it...I live right around the corner from the shop and I love pie. However, their hours don't line up very for someone who works 8 to 5 so I haven't been able to get there yet. I think they are open on Saturday so maybe I'll get there this weekend.

    There is quite a bit of activity on this stretch of Chicago Avenue. Branch 27, Hoosier Mama and a new bakery (can't remember the name) just opened. I also like La Fama bakery just down the street from Hoosier Mama.

    Sorry for the ramble...I look forward to seeing some reviews of Hoosier Mama.

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      They have expanded their open until 7 PM during the week.

      My wife and I bought a few slices recently...we tried the apple and coconut custard pie. Both were very tasty; I think the coconut custard was slightly better. Very nice crusts on both pies.

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        I like to "bundle" errands to places in the same neighborhood---Ritz Tango Cafe is just up Ashland from Hoosier Mama (933 Ashland)---on a trip to the pie bakery you can pick up some empanadas to go.

      2. I went today and the peanut butter pie was excellent. Looking forward to going back.

        1. The coconut cream and banana cream are both excellent. The coconut cream actually defeated the banana cream by a score of 5 to 1 during our Easter taste test.

          1. Has anyone tried Pie at Tree Studios? The one that shares space with Epoch Flowers?

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            1. I picked up pie from Hoosier Mama for the second time this past weekend. Between our two visits, we've tried the following flavors:
              -Pear cranberry crumble - absolutely delicious
              -Lemon meringue - fantastic and I don't even like meringue, but theirs was very good
              -Peanut Butter - very decadent and delicious, although seriously rich
              -Apple rhubarb - simple, tart and delicious
              -Key Lime - the best of all I've tried. It has the most fabulous gingersnap crust. A must try.

              If I was forced to choose, I probably wouldn't get the PB pie again b/c it was so rich. However, I want to underscore that it was delicious, just a little too much for me. The shop staff are extremely friendly and helpful--willing to make recommendations on the day's flavors. Worth a little extra dough (pun intended) for these fantastic pies.