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Apr 6, 2009 06:24 PM

Rose flavored anything

Years ago, Jackp and I had a wonderful lunch in Paris that concluded with some financiers and an exquisite bite of rose-flavored ice cream. It's one of those happy memories I cherish.

A few minutes ago I had a sip of wine that had a delightful flavor of rose and it made me want to enjoy something with rose as a component again.

Aside from carrot salad flavored with rosewater, does anyone have a suggestion?

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  1. There's a company called Harvest Song from Armenia that makes a Tea Rose preserve that's bewitching.

    1. Did you see the recent "Desserts with rosewater?" thread?

      1. MARIAGE FRERES in Paris makes a gorgeous Bulgarian Rose scented Tea.

        MF is available on the net, and at many Gourmet shops in the States.

        1. Epicurious has a Persian Love Cake that is delicious. The flavors are saffron, cardamom and rosewater.

          A friend of mine make a rosewater peanut dish--it's a not too sweet, a little odd, a little addictive. If you are interested I can ask her for the recipe.

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            dct, I would love to see that peanut recipe if your friend wouldn't mind sharing it!

          2. One of my favorite uses for rosewater is Claudia Roden's Pistachio Cake(though I guess pistachios might be a problem right now. boohoo).

            Also, there' s a place to us that makes a rosewater champagne cocktail I like quite a bit with rose champagne and rose water.