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Apr 6, 2009 06:20 PM

Side dish for sedar

I am looking for ideas for side dishes for my passover sedar. Only having 4 adults and 4 kids--definitely making too much food--but my entrees will be brisket and simple marinaded chicken breasts. Doing chopped liver and tam tams (a must!), and having matzoh ball soup, and was considering doing roasted winter veggies from Barefoot Contessa. Any other suggestions? Trying to avoid the really traditional kugel/tsimmis etc. dishes--and nothing with matzoh meal, as my hubby eats gluten free.

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  1. I always make ratatouille for my seder. Delicious, can be prepared in advance and is traditional but not too.

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      I am serving this Barefoot Contessa recipe for String Beans with Shallots, but using asparagus instead of string beans. Very easy. I actually sauteed the shallots today and I will just reheat with freshly steamed asparagus on Wednesday. I've done it before, works out great. And you can always use margarine or just olive oil if you don't want to serve butter with dinner (I use butter!).

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        Think this would work with broccoli? Have a request from the kids for broccoli! Sounds great.

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          Yes, I did it a few years ago with broccoli.

    2. for a cooked veg we're doing roasted asparagus with ours - going more "Spring" than "Winter" i guess - trying to be optimistic amid this crappy weather ;)

      i'm also doing a salad with mixed greens & arugula, pears, sweet onion, cucumber, radishes, pomegranate seeds, toasted walnuts, and a vinaigrette.

      for a different twist on your roasted vegetables you could make tsimmes - it's always a great complement to brisket.

      i was perusing the Passover recipes on Epicurious last week, and saw a spiced quinoa recipe that sounded like it would be a good option as well...

      read the reviews - i'd definitely consider playing with the spices & ingredient proportions, but it sounds promising. for some reason it also got me thinking about tsimmes, so maybe you could incorporate a little orange juice & honey, and maybe even some diced sweet potato into it.

      another possibility if you did want to do a kugel is to sub almond meal for the matzo meal in this one, since it only calls for 6 Tbsp anyway...

      probably too much food for your small crowd, but i always go overboard ;)

      1. Cabbage and Mushroom Casserole from the NYT Passover Cookbook is going to be on my table this year. I'm making it w/o the dairy to make it pareve. My grandparents always had a plate of steamed asparagus on the table. An Israeli chopped salad for "next year in Jerusalem" also made a showing. I grew up in Florida so I'm full force in the Spring Harvest mindset as opposed to a Winter attitude.

        1. I'm doing simple sauteed rainbow chard with onions. And tsimmes (even though I don't want to, it's requested)