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Apr 6, 2009 06:11 PM

Nothing Too Fancy - Business Dinner

I need to plan a business dinner for 7 in Chicago next week. We're staying at the Blackstone and I know they have a great tapas restaurant. (I'll likely be having dinner there myself before everyone arrives!)

For our meeting though, we have very (and I mean VERY) finicky eaters. One loves fish and will do chicken. One likes his meat red and mooin' (he's proudly from Kentucky). The female boss likes nothing exotic - grilled chicken, burger and fries, nothing spicy. And then we have the token vegetarian.

So - the challenge is out Chowhouds - where should we go for dinner?

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  1. Try The Gage, just a few blocks east of where you are. It is an Irish bar/restaurant, but the excellent creative food deserves more accolades. The fish and chips is one of the best in town. For your red-meat colleague, they have elk and venison. And house made sausages. They have 2 kinds of burgers for the female boss. The only thing i'm unsure about is vegetarian, but i'm sure there are some tasty options.

    1. Chicago Firehouse is not one of my favorites, but it looks like it might fit the bill. Not too far away, in fact long walking distance, and altho light on the vegetarian, it looks like it'll have everything else you need. In fact, it's where our Mayor took Pres. Bush when he visited a couple of years back, so I guess you can't get much more mainstream than that.:

      1. Are you from Boston? Give me a comparison with a Boston restaurant and I can try to help?

        1. When you say "nothing too fancy", it's not clear whether you're looking for an inexpensive place, or just a place you don't have to get too dressed up for.

          If price is not a major concern, I'd go to Custom House, a couple of blocks from the hotel. They serve American cuisine with an emphasis on meats. Business casual attire (even leaning towards casual) is fine.

          If price is a major concern, I'd go to Hackney's, also a couple blocks from the hotel. Hackney's specializes in burgers, "French dip" roast beef sandwiches, and their big loaf of onion rings.

          1. Both the Chicago Firehouse and The Gage look like they'll fit the bill. I'll circulate the menus and let my team choose.

            Thanks for the suggestions!

            (And, yes, I'm in Boston. So far, the most agreed upon meal was at Davio's, but we're looking for somewhere slightly less formal as we'll all be in suits all day, kissing hands and shaking babies.)

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              La Scarola (Italian) may be a good bet.