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Apr 6, 2009 06:07 PM

San Diego restaurants and tortillas

I'm in SD for 4 days starting tomorrow and I have a car. It appears that the hotel is in a culinary no man's land- Country Inn and Suites (Mira Mesa near the 805 and El Camino Memorial Park) I've done some map questing and it seems that the places that come up as must visits are fairly far away. (While I do drive in DC it is all local, so the whole freeway thing is rather vexing, but faced with Chili's in the parking lot I will learn to merge!)

I plan on Izakaya Sakura and Super Cochina. My 13 y/o and I plan to drive from this location down to the Zoo. Is there anything near the Zoo? I'd like to go to the aquarium in LaJolla, but I recall having only mediocre food up there.

I've noticed few mentions of Indian or Thai (our favorites) in the Chow posts on things you must eat in SD. Any advice or recommendations?

Also, any recs for things to bring back to the East Coast? I'm originally from AZ so I usually bring tortillas back from there. Anything ideas for food gifts that travel well?


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  1. do a board search for "zoo" and you'll turn up posts in the vicinity. Hillcrest, downtown SD, North Park are all within a short (5-10 min or so) drive.

    You are staying in the Sorrento Valley/Mira Mesa area and about 15 minutes north of Convoy St, where Izakaya Sakura is. You are roughly 5-10 min east of Del Mar and 10-15 min north of La Jolla/UTC. Del Mar and La Jolla/UTC have lots of good eating options. I believe somewhere down the street from your hotel, there is a patisserie/cafe called Opera. It's been mentioned on the board.

    A few minutes down the street from you is the food court in the Staples parking lot. At the juncture of the 805 freeway and Sorrento Valley Rd. There is an Indian place, Sitar, in the food court. It's open at night and on weekends. Decent Indian.

    There's only one good Thai in SD--Sab E Lee. In the Linda Vista area, about 15 min south of you. Do a board search.

    The only really 2 good Indian places are Punjabi Tandoor and Surati Farsan Mart. Both are off Black Mountain Rd, near Miramar Blvd and the 15 freeway. Roughly 15-20 min south of your hotel.

    Do a board search for "UTC, La Jolla, Del Mar" and the other areas mentioned above and you will find many, many posts.

    1. The freeways really aren't too bad here and if you aren't on them during commute times, you can get from point A to point B pretty quickly.

      Super Cocina is reasonably close to the Zoo. It's maybe a 10 mintue drive if you get all the red lights. And you can get from one to the other on surface streets. The food in La Jolla is actually quite good. It tends to be spendy and parking can be a challenge, but it's probably better than you think.

      Neither Thai nor Indian are ethnic cuisines that San Diego does particularly well. Sab-E-Lee in Linda Vista by USD (not UCSD) gets a lot of love here as probably one of the best Thai places in town. Indian, someone else will have to give you suggestions.

      Take back some Chuao Spicy Maya Hot Chocolate or Sees candy.

      1. You're staying relatively close to two really good Indian places, Surati Farsan and Punjabi Tandoor. The former is South Indian, the latter North. Definitely worth your while.