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Apr 6, 2009 05:45 PM

msp - marzipan

Does anyone in the cities make little marzipan figurines (animals, fruits, veggies)? Marzipan World online has some, but they are UK based so I'd have to deal with that mess (exchange rate, long lead time).

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  1. I *think* I've seen them at local candy stores, like Regina's, but I'm not 100% sure. They're not made on-site, though. I think most places import them from Europe (Germany?).

    If you're looking for someone to custom-make marzipan figurines, I'd check with dessert caterers and fancy bakeries. For example, any place that has the patience for petit fours might also undertake marzipan figurines.


    Regina's Fine Candies
    2073 Saint Clair Ave, St Paul, MN

    1. Wuollets has them listed on their web site. I thought I had seen them there eons ago. Not clear if they make them themselves or just have them for gift packs. Other places that might have them could be Patrick's bakery and Pardon My French.

      1. I've seen marzipan fruits in the bakery section at Byerly's.

        1. Marzipan fruit are available at a staggering markup at the kowalskis on grand in the chocolates/candies section.

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            kowalski's prices are out of control. i just went there last week for some gourmet marshmallows. sheesh.

          2. rachel -- were you thinking of wanting them for an event, in quantity? because I bet you could "commission" some of these places like Patricks or Pardon or others to make them in quantity and maybe a bit more reasonably.

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            1. re: karykat

              Or even order you a case from somewhere far off and give you a break on the price for the quantity purchase.

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                yeah, i guess that's a thought. i was going to decorate a wedding cake with marzipan fruits or butterflies so i don't know that i need enough for it to be worth patrick's time.

                1. re: rachel_reagan

                  it looks like for the price kowalskis is getting for about 4 pieces you could get 5 times more:

                  i think internet ordering, time permiting, may be your best bet.

                  just to be clear that link was one of the firsthits when i googled marzipan fruit, i have never ordered from them nor can i endorse them in any way. but if a local supplier seems out of reach, its good to know there are some out there online.