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Apr 6, 2009 05:20 PM

Ft. Laud./Oakland Park rec request

I will be coming from N. Palm Beach to a show at the Culture Room Saturday night. I am looking for the usual but casual suspects for a pre-concert dinner in the immediate area. Since I am driving 55 miles, I don't want to go much further south or west from Oakland Park Blvd/I-95/Federal Hwy area.

Jacks' BBQ is not an option b/c I smoked my own pork Q this weekend. All I really care about is the food if it is that good but it must have indoor seating. Any type of cuisine is cool with me but it must be casual....a place where shorts and a T-shirt are acceptable.


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  1. freaker, Alligator Alley may work. I have not been yet but it is on my to do list and it's not far from where you are going. I've seen some positive posts on the board.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help

    1. Catfish Dewey's is only a block or so from that area... it is on Andrews Ave and has excellent food in my opinion. The fried catfish is what they are famous for, but they have a lot of terrific seafood options.

      Catfish Deweys
      4003 N. Andrews Avenue
      Oakland Park, Florida

      1. Go right next door to The Usual Place...It's a casual, family owned Italian restaurant with very good food.

        1. Primanti Bros on Oakland has good pizza and the yummy french fry sandwiches.

          Spanky's, also on Oakland, has really good cheesesteaks.

          1. there is Greek Isles, on Oakland Park and A1A, obviously Greek! Casual is fine.

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              The perfect place - park your car and walk one block west on Oakland, same side of the street:

              The Jib Room
              2104 E. Oakland Park Blvd
              Fort Lauderdale