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Apr 6, 2009 05:11 PM

Dinner close to Yonge and Dundas

Yesterday was another occasion where we were at Yonge and Dundas and could not think of one decent (chow-worthy) place to go for a meal.

There does not seem to be anything that's not touristy or foodservice quality within a 10 minute walk. Last year pre-theatre we needed something close to the Canon and the 'best' option seemed to be Spring Rolls. It had been several years since we'd been to the Yonge/Bloor location when it was still decent. Well, the one across from the Eaton Center was unspeakably bad. Pretty rooms but sub-mediocre food and drink brought by bleh service.

For the times at the AMC complex for a flick, the many choices there are not even worth talking about.

I was thinking there might be some more options with a 15-20 minute walk?

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    1. Linda- less than a 5 minute walk away.

      Japango- a 5-10 minute walk away.

      Lai Wah Heen- a 10 minute walk away.

      George- a 10 minute walk away.

      Salad King
      340 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5B1R7, CA

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        1. re: phoenikia

          Scatch Linda - they are moving or moved to Don Mills - upstairs will be lunch for Salad King.

          1. re: cacruden

            The new Don Mills location of Linda opens on April 22, 2009.

            Until then, Linda is a great option near Yonge & Dundas;)

        2. Yueh Tung, Hakka Chinese at Elizabeth and Dundas.

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          1. re: Zengarden

            2nd this!

            also, beer bistro is another option. there is also a couple of restaurants on Elm Street, they all look pretty good but I've only been to Barberian.

          2. There's Osteria Ciceri e Tria, the newish place by the Terroni guys. It's in their old space on Victoria just south of Queen, so about a 5-10 minute walk.

            And then there's Harlem, one of my new favourite places. It's probably on the outer edges of your walking zone on Richmond just east of Church, but worth it. You'll appreciate the walk back to AMC to burn off meatloaf, fried chicken, mac n cheese . . .

            67 Richmond St E, Toronto, ON M5C1N9, CA

            106 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5C, CA

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            1. re: num nums

              Always wondered about Harlem, it's is such a weird location. thanks for the reco.

              1. re: Teep

                I finally got around to going myself. Great comfort food. Menu and food shots: and there's a review in the blog.

                I really enjoyed the candied yams and the rice 'n' peas. Would like to go back to try their chicken. The Mac 'n' cheese, I found too watery though. Beet salad was yummy and I prefer my own cornbread, (this one was more dense than I prefer), but I don't know what "authentic" cornbread tastes like...


                1. re: jlunar

                  I really enjoyed my experience at Harlem! Their candied yams were really delicious. I also tried their mac & cheese and love it. It's strange you found yours too watery, because I actually thought the opposite. I found it really nice and creamy and not in the least watery. I even accidently spilt a bit of water in to it and it still wasn't watery! Perhaps we had different chefs? Although I met the chef when I was there and it appeared that he cooked everything. He was very nice. I also tried their jerk chicken quesadilla which was yummy but not really my kind of taste preference. Their accompanying salad was fresh and the mangos perfectly ripe. Also had their chocolate cake and peanut cake, both were good, but I prefered the chocolate as it was dense and moist. I want to go back for their fried chicken!

                  1. re: lily.violet

                    Could have maybe been an off night - I do think it's the one guy in the kitchen all the time. We were also the last ones in the door to be served, so I don't know if that affected things!

                    1. re: jlunar

                      I think it was an off night. I have always had great mac and cheese there, but my friend told me he too had a watery version once when I wasn't there.

                      1. re: LTL

                        OH DARN. Have to go again to eat chicken and find out...! Hee hee

                      2. re: jlunar

                        There are two different cooks/chefs. I can't recall the split, but one handles the majority of the evenings and the other handles two evenings.

                        1. re: TorontoJo

                          Thank you! I took my folks to Harlem tonight for Mother's Day after reading this board and we really liked it--we all had the candied yams, which were great, and I had the fried chicken--crust a little thicker than I would like, but otherwise really good. My parents had pork hocks and meatloaf with sauce, and really liked them. (My mother was expecting a spicy sauce, but this was a bit much for her. However, she could limit it to manageable quantities...)

                          The servers were great--finding lean pork hocks for my dad, and otherwise very attentive--and the live music was a great addition.

                          $85 for three people with a good tip, but no drinks or dessert.

              2. Chipotle. Really.

                When the weather's nice, take it out to that groovy park on Richmond betweeen Yonge and Bay (called The Cloud Forest or something). That area's a challenge I know - but do avoid the SR if u can.

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                  1. re: HarryLloyd

                    Just had lunch at Chipotle's today with some friends for the first time and it was out of this world! All of us had burritos and loved them All of the ingredients were fresh and tasty. The portions were excellent too. There were lineups the whole time we were there.

                    1. re: zengirl18

                      I know, the pork carnitas are superb. I was listening to an interview with the creative director of Chipotle and he said they source local and humane sources for their livestock. This was a couple years ago, and they've gotten bigger so this may have changed - pretty admirable for fast food.

                      I just wish they were set up closer to me. You think they'd be more neighbourhood oriented. Hopefully they'll open one on the west side!

                      1. re: Sui_Mai

                        I tried the beef burrito there. Loved everything about the burrito except the beef! Lots of gristle. I finally had enough and had to pick out the beef and throw it away and then finish my burrito. I may go back and try the chicken or veggie options. Not sure if they have seafood options.

                        1. re: TOchowgal

                          Everything at Chipotle rocks except the steak. If you're looking for beef get the braised beef, it's awesome!