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Apr 6, 2009 05:01 PM

Blackberries in Atlanta

I'm helping someone who's coming into town for a culinary event this month and he has a recipe that requires fresh blackberries. Can someone tell me if the local markets are carrying these yet? I called the Dekalb Market, but no one answered the phone there. I've heard that they can be persnikity at times though.

BTW, I'm not in Atlanta right now either.


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  1. Good luck - this is obviously a seasonal ingredient and if they aren't in season here (which is in the summer), they are usually shipped from elsewhere and are pretty horrible most of the time. You can probably find them at regular grocery stores like Publix and Kroger but again, the quality is likely going to be poor at best.

    1. I was in south GA a week ago, and thought I saw a few blooms on some blackberry canes. I doubt you'll find any local ones until out into the summer. Strawberries are coming in now, though, and blueberries will start before long.

      1. I saw some in my local Kroger yesterday evening so they are certainly around, it's just a matter to whether or not they are any good. These were from Mexico.