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Ramps in MSP

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Out east ramps are showing up in the farmers markets. I was just wondering if anyone had seen them around here, or when the general time to expect them was.

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  1. Our coop has had them the past few springs. (Mississippi Markiet.) I haven't seen any yet this year. I don't think it should be too long though. Tulips and crocuses are starting to come up in the yard. I'm not remembering where ours came from but I'm guessing Wisconsin, so figure enough time for it to warm up and for the ramps to grow.

    1. Still a couple weeks to go yet, if the last few years have been any indication. And, uhhh, yeah, that'll depend on when winter finally departs.

      1. The Wedge and Mississippi Market co-ops usually have ramps. The produce manager would probably have an estimate for when they might arrive. But I wouldn't expect them before May...


        1. I think late April/early May is ramp time around here. I've gotten them in my first CSA box of the season in the first week of May.

          1. Apparently the season is really late around here. The guy who runs the cheese shop at France 44 Wines has some pickled ones from last year, and said fresh ones wouldn't be up for a while.

            1. we usually get a call from a forager, toward the end of april, that the ramps are in. filthy little gobbets of deliciousness. i've seen them at the mill city farmer's market in may, but not st. paul-- or maybe they just sell out before i get there.

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                update: ramps are in as of last weekend & are being harvested in the southern part of the state, so they'll be available thru the first couple weeks of may. up north you might see them all the way thru may.

              2. They're in at Mississipi Market (Selby/Dale) as of last week. I saw and tried them for the first time in my life, doing the prairie/natural foods/forager/live in the wild kind'a thing I love to pretend.

                BE STILL MY HEART. I've never eaten anything so wonderous and delicate and strong and perfect in my life. I can't get enought of them. Tender them in butter with the fresh morels MM also has. (Note: I've discovered I like shiitake better than morels; stronger flavor. Just wooise morels I got?)

                1. Still a little early for them apparently. Was at the Wedge Coop yesterday. They had a few grizzled bunches from Pennsylvania. I bought a bunch for a recipe that I'm making, but thought I'd try to supplement with some spring onions they had.