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Apr 6, 2009 03:27 PM

Vegan Recs

We are headed to Boston for my son's birthday next Wednesday. He works at East Coast Grill, so we plan to go there for a drink and some appitizers (Hell Night, coincidentally), and then go somewhere else for dinner. He is a vegan, and my other son who will be with us is vegetarian. Any suggestions? $$s are not really a problem since its a special occasion. (Just one thing, though, not interested in going to Oleana).

Since we will be jumping off from ECG, proximity to that is a plus.

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  1. Several of Kebab Factory's lunch buffet dishes are vegan and excellent. I could imagine this translates well into their dinner menu. That's a ten minute walk from ECG I reckon.

    1. I've had very good vegetarian meals at EVOO, not far from there. I'm sure they'd accommodate a vegan, as well.

      1. Grezzo in the North End is raw vegan, lunch is reasonable, supper is $$$

        Martsa on Elm (Tibetan) in Davis Sq (Cambridge) has good vegan options.

        Elephant Walk (French/Cambodian) has vegan options (mostly on the Cambodian menu) and is reasonable for lunch, more expensive for supper. Locations in Boston and Cambridge (near Porter Square)( and Waltham but that's further afield).

        Asmara's (Eritrean/Ethiopian) in Central Square, Somerville, has vegan options.

        Haven't been to Vej Naturals (Malden near the Orange Line) yet but friends recommend it.

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          Thanks for the suggestions! Although I thought being close to East Coast would be a plus, I'm liking Grezzo. Let's get him out of the neighborhood! It will be an adventure for a carnivore like me, and I think a perfect place for a special ocassion for my son the vegan.

          I expect to try every one of these places as time goes by. I think Elephant Walk will be sooner rather than later!

          Thanks again.

          1. re: jkuhlen

            Enjoy! Reservations are recommended for Grezzo, especially for supper.

        2. went to Grezzo last saturday night and had a great meal. It's gotten mixed reviews on this board but i think its due to people who are not Vegan going becuase it a new trendy "raw" restuarant. Then not liking it. If your not a vegetarian or vegan and not use to different tastes then you most likley will not like it. But if you are you'll love it. I had a great time. The food was great. The drink were wonderful. plus its an expierence. When they bring the food to you they describe everything in it. I think all resturants shoudl do that!

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          1. re: kunman

            My son has heard of Grezzo and has been meaning to try it (my wife spilled the beans, he hasn't had a surprise gift in twenty years). I love meat, but I am also excited to experience something so inventive and unique! For once I won't have to worry about my food being hot when it arrives!

          2. Sounds like fun. My vegan daughter's birthday was yesterday. Do check this board for some comments about vegan food in the Boston area. In addition to what has been mentioned, we can add The Helmand in East Cambridge and Craigie on Main which will do vegan if you call ahead (as will most places). They have a great atmosphere and lovely drinks, if you like doing a little experimenting at the bar. Elephant Walk is a consistent favorite for vegans and non-vegans.