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Apr 6, 2009 03:20 PM

Restaurant near waterfront in Portland

I am staying at the Marriott on the waterfront in Portland and need to host a business dinner for 8. Prefer some place we could walk from the Marriott that is on the quiet side so we can have some business related conversation. Would love to food to be good too! If there's nothing that's walkable, a short cab ride would be o.k. too. Thanks.

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  1. Near that Marriot off the top of my head are the french Carafe and the new american Veritable Quandry. Those you could walk to. A short cab ride will get you anywhere in Portland, it's tiny. So that option opens up the entire of the city for you.

    1. Unfortunately the Marriott is not too close to many of Portland's best restaurants. Depending on the weather and the group you are walking with, you could fairly easily walk anywhere downtown but that part of SW Portland is lacking in really good restaurants. A cheap cab is a good option.

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      1. re: porky pine

        Personally, I think they'll be fine with VQ.

        If you end up taking a cab somewhere, I'd suggest Hiroshi, Ten01 and Andina, all in the Pearl so it'll be a short ride. Ten01 would probably the safest bet, as I don't know how your colleagues feel about sushi or Peruvian food.

        1. re: SauceSupreme

          I would suggest VQ as well. It's less than two blocks away and has solid food. I've gone to a business lunch there and thought was a good setting.

      2. There is also the new H50 in the Hotel Fifty. No endorsements however, havent been.