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Apr 6, 2009 03:10 PM

Cool places to celebrate graduation with drinks

I'm graduating with my Master's degree in May and looking for a nice place to have a small get together with old friends (early 30-something crowd). Preferably in the Valley or Westside, as long as it's convenient to the 405. Probably about 10 people for drinks and appetizers, possibly dinner but probably not. I'd prefer a place where drinks are $10 and under if possible. Thanks.

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  1. Bar * Food on Wilshire is pretty good. Cheap drinks. All food under $10.

    1. I like Laurel Tavern in Studio City. Great appetizers. I think the drinks meet your budget. Get the pork belly skewers. Congratulations on your Master's.

      Laurel Tavern
      11938 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604