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Molly Spillane (sp?) Mamaroneck

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Does anyone know anything about the place? It's on Mamaroneck Avenue in Mamaroneck. I think it's in the space the Den of Antiquity used to be? It's on the corner of Prospect and Mamaroneck. It looks like a pub but it's enormous. It looks like a lot of money has been put into it, but I have no idea when it's going to open or even what it's going to serve.

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  1. I just drove by it this morning too. It looks very pretty with iron work faux balconies on the second floor. I agree that it looked very pub-like. A nice addition to that part of the avenue and hey, they are probably not another place serving Asian fusion food.

    1. Me bad-saw something about this the other week in LoHud and just forgot to post it here:
      Coming Soon: Molly Spillane’s in Mamaroneck
      Stephen Carty, the owner of Mickey Spillane’s in Eastchester, is opening a 9,000 square foot sister restaurant called Molly Spillane’s one block from the harbor in Mamaroneck on April 17. It’s at 211 Mamaroneck Ave., a former office space that he’s completely converted it to be a bar-restaurants not unlike Mickey Spillane’s — with steaks, seafood and pastas, private rooms and a comfortable bar.

      One major difference? A patio that seats 80 and has a 12-foot-square outdoor fireplace! That’ll help push the season when it comes to al fresco dining! The company that built it, El Dorado Stone, thinks it’s so beautiful, they’re coming to take a photo of it for their national brochure. I’ll try to get there with my own camera this week. Meantime, here’s the Molly Spillane’s web site.

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        Thanks for all the info. I wish them the best of luck. It can not be easy opening a restaurant in times like these.

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          To open any kind of business right now and a restaurant perhaps in some ways even harder..Break a leg.

      2. I have been watching with interest as this place has slowly started to go up.

        On one hand, it will be nice to have a casual pub in the neighborhood. It's a break from all of the Asian. I'd like to be able to just get a burger and a fruity drink for dinner.

        However, as a resident of the neighborhood, the outdoor patio scares me. I live just a block down from the place and I fear that I will be hearing the noise of 80 people sitting out on that patio from my apartment.

        Considering the economy and the high cost of rent on Mamaroneck Ave., I'd be very curious to see how this place does. They obviously put an enormous amount of money into this place. The totally gutted the old law office that was there previously and started totally from scratch. This was an expensive undertaking. If the restaurant is good and doesn't disturb my sleep on weekends, then I hope it works out. (Of course if it stinks and it's noisy, I hope it goes under ASAP).

        1. Jon hit it right on the head. A lot of love and money went into this place and by the looks of it, it will do that much better than it's sister restaurant Mickeys in Eastchester. Check out the website, the outdoor patio has a fireplace and it's going to be a great place to grab a burger or salad or some drinks! I can't wait! Grand opening is April 17!

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            And the website seems to indicated a nice, perhaps even free, party.

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              It seems to be something we need in this area. I checked out Mickey Spillane's website and the menu, if going to be the same, was decently priced and interesting enough for a weeknight dinner and a regular, casual place to hang out.

              My only pre-opening concern however is the wine list. There isn't a decent glass or bottle anywhere on that list. I really hope that the owners will realize that there are enough wine drinkers in this neighborhood to justify serving at least a few drinkable options.

            2. The door was open this morning so I walked in to check out the main level. The huge four-sided hardwood bar is awesome. Looks like serious stimulus money was put into this place!

              1. Opening today, Friday April 17th:
                Photo et al from JNs:

                1. apparently tonight's grand opening is private until 8:30 PM. It will open to the public after that but no food will be served.

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                    From where did you gather that info biga290?
                    Their web site: http://mollyspillanespub.com/
                    still indicates 3:30 PM ribbon cutting and then h'ordevdurs and drinks.
                    Nothing about that being private.
                    Last night was, or so it seems from the story I posted above.

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                      I called for a dinner reservation and they told me that they were serving lunch today but not dinner and that they would be closed until 8:30. I misinterpreted that to mean the grand opening would be private not realizing it was scheduled for 3:30 PM. So I guess they will close sometime in the late afternoon and reopen at 8:30 but still no food in the evening.

                  2. A family member went there for lunch on Sunday upon my mentioning it. The word is, if you want to have a beer with friends and like to watch sports there is a nice cameraderie between patrons. However, if you expect to be able to hear your lunch or dinner companion over conversation, forget it.

                    It's strictly a bar which serves food; not a restaurant with a bar.

                    Also, parking in the area and for residents could become a concern.

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                      After reading your posting, one has to wonder if this is a sports bar 24/7 or if this happened to your family member because it was a busy sports day on Sunday at at new place.
                      Time and other experiences will tell.

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                        If it is anything like Mikey Spillaines in Eastchester, it will be a kids bar...

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                        It is noisy in there. On a mild night with all the windows open there is a definite dull roar that would be incredibly hard to speak over if you were trying to have a conversation.

                        On the good side, the noise seems to stay on that section of the street. I couldn't hear it one block over, so those of us living in the neighborhood have a little less to worry about. Time will tell about the parking.

                        1. re: Avalondaughter

                          Going for a drink tomorrow night with a couple of friends. Am fearful we won't be able to park and won't be able to hear each other but fingers are crossed it's not as bad as reported but it probably is. Btw, having trouble finding a spot at any time of day even during the week and it's a nightmare to park for the temporary library.

                      3. We went there for lunch today. It was packed inside, but we got a table outside. They did a nice job with the place. The outside patio would have been very pleasant had it not been so hot out. Service was very slow-- it took about 15 minutes for someone to take our order, and then close to an hour for them to deliver a salad and a burger. My burger was decent-- not great, but not bad. My husband was not thrilled with this cobb salad. I would be surprised if any of the waitstaff had prior service experience. We decided we will try them again in a few months once they get their act together. As of today, this is not a great place to get food, though it might be better for those just ordering drinks and bar snacks.

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                          just went to dinner there tonight. Excellent bar with a step above pub grub. I would go back we had a party of 13 and service was fast..

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                            Considering the rather lackluster reviews of their food, mine included - I'm being kind by calling it lackluster - I'm curious. What did you order? Your friends?

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                              I had a Black Jack Burger and fries. Molly Spillanes is a bar. You can't expect the food to be great that's way I said it's slightly better than pub grub.. I think it would be a great place to throw a party. They have a nice setup upstairs layout with a bar.