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Apr 6, 2009 02:51 PM

Where to buy Pecorino cheese in SF bay area?

Where to buy Pecorino cheese in SF bay area?

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  1. Any major grocery store or cheese shop has it.

    1. What kind of Pecorino? "Pecorino" just means an Italian cheese made from sheep's milk. There are many kinds of pecorino, the most common one (the one you probably want), being Pecorino Romano.

      1. Whole Foods (Berkeley) has Pecorino Romano on sale today, $11.99 per pound as I recall.
        Berkeley Bowl has it at $10.99 per pound all the time. It is my favorite cheese because the price is reasonable, it keeps forever, and it so sharp and salty that I can only nibble a little bit at a time. Other cheese I just ingest non-stop.
        Of course it is good for grating.

        1. Trader Joe's is where we buy it all of the time.


          1. Costco carries imported Pecorino Romano...around $7.00 lb. Been using it for years, prefer over Parmigiano. If you crave expensive cheese, Whole Foods is your best bet.

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              We frequently get the costco Pecorino Romano and have noticed that it is not quite as good as you would get from a local Cheese Shop (we frequent The Pasta Shop in Rockridge). Still great for cooking but for shaving on top of salads and such get thee to a neighborhood cheese shop.

              1. re: skwid

                The Zerto pecorino Costco sells, like Locatelli, is hard and grainy, made for grating, and doesn't shave very well. You'd want a younger sheep cheese for shaving.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Hmm, I was able to do a pretty nice job of shaving it Sunday evening. Granted you couldn't always get 3" long shavings but they weren't too bad (you are right the Costco version is very dry and somewhat brittle). I still stand by what I said that even grated the Costco version is not as good as stuff you find at a good cheese shop (for when you are using the cheese as a finish on a dish).

                  1. re: skwid

                    Any good cheese shop will have Locatelli, which is similar in texture to the Zerto. It's not about where you shop, they're just different styles of sheep cheese.

                    Costco usually has Manchego and has occasionally had young Sardo, which shave fine.