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Apr 6, 2009 02:41 PM

Best "Muff" and Oyster Po'Boy

Okay Ya'll, Thanks to all the great recs on Chow, my foodie vacation is almost planned. The last thing I need to know, Where to get the best "Muffs" and oyster Po'boy. Thanks again, I can't wait for my trip. Thursday can't get here soon enough.

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  1. The best "muffy" by far is had at the Central Grocery. It is huge and can easily serve two. We used to get our Muffy there , proceed to the bakery down the street for a Nehi and an eclair and eat it all at Jackson Square.

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      On Friday we will split a "Muff" from Central grocery. Don't want to eat to much before Having the 7 course tasting menu at Stella's. I guess I should have posted this on my original post, but I wanted to get a "Muff" on Monday to eat on the plane, and I understand Central grocery is closed, any close seconds? Thanks again!

    2. I don't have a lot of experience in the area, but Central Grocery Co.'s "Muff" was out of this world good. I'm not an olive fan (love olive oil, not olives), so I just picked those off and ate the carrots and cauliflower. But the sandwich was really damn good. Beware, the owners/workers have little to no personality it seems and almost have disdain for their customers.

      The oyster/Shrimp po' boy I had at ACME was great. I loved the crunchiness of the fried part and the juiciness of the seafood, the roll was tender and crusty and the tabasco flavored mayo worked perfectly with the rest of the sandwich.

      1. Obviously first choice of a muffaletta is Central Grocery. A LOT of people prefer the Napoleon House Version which is served hot. Not I. For oyster Po boys try Casamentos Oysters or Parkway Bakery and Tavern.

        1. DiMartino's muffaletta is as good as Central Grocery's. It's a bit different (comes toasted by default), but I actually think it's a better sandwich. I'm not sure what kind of transportation you'll have while you're here... you might have to drive.

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              It is in Terrytown on the Westbank. About 5 minutes after you get off of the bridge.

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                There are 3 locations. Check their website.

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              I have always said that DiMartino's muffs are far better than Central Grocery. I'm just really into the toasted thing...but I understand that some aren't and find that toasting a muff is a huge travesty. To each his own.

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                My husband loves Nor-Joe's Importing In Metairie for muffs. He says it is the all time best!

                1. re: ScarlettNola

                  The Frenchuletta at Liuzzas is the best muffaletta not traditional at all but Ill take it over any in the city. I do expect to get slammed for that statement but so be it.

                  1. re: ScarlettNola

                    Has Nor-Joe cleaned up behind the deli counter lately?
                    Last time I went in, I asked to use the sink to wash my hands so I could eat my muffaletta. The sink the employees use is what I used & OMG, it was filthy.

                    1. re: Isabella

                      Disgusting! My husband is completely germaphobic so I probably should not tell him that. He hasnt been there in a few years. We can only hope it was cleaner on his last visit.

                      1. re: ScarlettNola

                        Let's hope so!
                        Please don't tell me it been years since he has had a muffaletta!
                        I did like Nor-Joe's, but just couldn't do it again.

                  2. re: nikinik

                    I love DiMartino's muff & that one is my favorite, with the exception of making my own.
                    I do not like the cheese melted & meats hot. The toaster run that DiMartino's muff goes thru really just toasts the bread. It does not get the meats/cheese hot. The olive salad goes on after it is toasted.

                2. Just came back from New Orleans (first trip) First stop was Central Grocery which was a great first bite. Didn't get there till about 3ish which worked out as it was very quite and the muffs were all ready (which helps the bread soak up the dressing) Loved it!

                  As far as oyster Po Poys, I went to Parkway (really for the RB and Gravy) but they were sold out. Went with an oyster shrimp combo which was very tasty. If I were to to it over again would have gone 100% oyster it was that good.