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Apr 6, 2009 01:51 PM

Cocktails in Vancouver


I'm flying up to Vancouver this week and am keen to get some recommendations of the places which mix the best cocktails in the city. I'll be treating a good friend for her birthday and would like to find somewhere really good. I'm into the whole prohibition era/'artisan' short and strong, as opposed to fruity daiquiris etc. As a comparison, in San Francisco I'd go to the Alembic, Bourbon and Branch or Cantina.

Am happy to swap any SF food/drink advice in appreciation!

Thx, Andrea

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  1. I would recommend the lounge area at Chambar for great/innovative cocktails. They used to do one with Earl Grey infused vodka that was amazing.

    1. IF you want classic cocktails go to Cascade Lounge on Main, all classics no froufy drinks.
      Also there is Boneta, and The Revel Room in Gastown.
      I'll second Chambar
      Also Voya at the Loden downtown, and Market at the SHangri-la have some of the best bartenders in the city.
      Another place strong on classics is the Hamilton St Grill - more of a food place though

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      1. re: starlady

        Great list starlady. You have it covered.

        I may add West as well (assuming David W is still there).

      2. I was just in Vancouver this past weekend. We went to Chambar which was excellent for drinks and food. We then went to Market at the Shangri La for a nightcap. Solid drinks there too, as the bartender came from Chambar. It does have a scene at Market, euro crowd, avg age 32, and no hipsters.

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          thanks all, I had noted Chambar and Boneta as a food possibilities so it's good to know the drinks would be on form too. Market and Cascade look promising as well.