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Apr 6, 2009 01:45 PM

Kogi: Overrated Waste of Time

Don't get me wrong, the food was tasty but I did the 2.5 hr wait hoping to eat what was supposed to be these amazing tacos and burritos....and was really let down. Korean BBQ is known for VERY distinct delicious flavors. Kogi managed to kill that. With the tacos, the dressing they put on was so overwhelming that it killed any distinct flavor of the meat. I had each of the tacos and I had no idea which taco I was eating. They all tasted almost exactly the same. if I am going to wait for 2.5 hrs I'm going to try the burritos too...I got the pork burrito and short rib burrito. Again, tasty but with no wow factor. The flavors of the meat really didn't stand out. The short rib was definitely better but I've had better short rib at cheap Hawaiian BBQ places and that's sad.

Ok...burritos are done and I am full...but damnit I waited all this time and I want to try the Kimchee quesadilla. This was ok...had its own flavor. The sauce that was on top was pretty good and went well with the cheese, but the kimchee inside was soggy. Since they were so busy they didnt have a chef's special but having eaten pretty much everything else on the menu, I dont think I really missed anything.

Most of the time if I tell someone about a meal, I'll get hungry thinking about it but not this place. It is however making me want to go to some great AYCE Korean BBQ places and get some GOOD Korean BBQ and not the stuff Kogi is selling. I do love taco trucks and especially because of the value for what you get for your money but this was another area Kogi fell short. They charge $2 for a TINYYYYY taco (about 3 bites) and $5 for everything else. The Burritos are small and you get taxed on everything too.

I guess people had to find something else to wait in line for after Pinkberry....lame.

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  1. 2.5 hr wait ?????


    1. All this time I thought I was missing out since I'm in OC.. good to know.

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      1. re: karynx78

        Next time I'm at my favorite AYCE korean BBQ i'm gonna sneak in some tortillas & Chili

      2. 2.5 hours??????????????????

        Come on

        1. Life, I kind of felt the same way as yourself. I had gone to the Torrance location near Toyota about 10 day ago. Lots of people on line before the truck arrived ( actually 2 trucks were working 1/ tacos burritos and 1 quesadillas did not know this till you kind of get up there next to the trucks an someone from the crowd shouted it out ) most people liked the line up and I had fun with it. I was in and out in about an hour or so. Had 2 tacos 1/tofu 1/short rib 1/spicey pork and 1/shortrib burito ( taken home and did not travel well, very juicy from the slaw killed the tortilla ). The slaw they put on top has a very citrus type flavor and its very wet. It took away from the meat as you said (an after thought did not taste much meet only the slaw and dressing) All items did taste kind of the same. I too was thinking of some KBBQ AYE or not.. Im glad I went to see what it was all about. I posted before on the sense of community with KOGI but that was way better then the food..

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            Actually the same thing happened to us. We got up to one truck and they only had tacos and Burritos...after we ate those we got in line at the other truck (which at this point it was 1am and the line was only 10 min) and got the quesadilla and extra burrito.

            My "sense" of community only goes so far after standing for that long.

            1. re: lifeon2whls

              Good less people in line.
              Kogi is worst then drugs.

              1. re: magic man

                At least I'm satisfied after doing drugs.

                1. re: ns1

                  And the line is usually shorter.. ;-D>

                  1. re: Servorg

                    no comment!
                    I had NO wait, and I thought it was good, but there's been too much hype. Some places live up to the hype (Langer's), some places can't even though they're good (Mozza) and for Kogi, there's ain't nothin' that could live up to that amount of hype. I'll go to their restaurant, but waiting? at night? for 90 minutes?

          2. I have never waited longer than 45 minutes and every time the food has been outstanding.

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            1. re: lotta_cox

              Lotta, did you read my post? what do you think about the soggy factor along with the over power on the dressing? I normally agree with what you write but we disagree here and I am curious to know why?? Thanks..

              1. re: Foodandwine

                the dressing on the tacos is major overkill

                1. re: Foodandwine

                  With regard to the tacos? No, I haven't experienced overly damp or over-dressed tacos. They do seem damper than the tacos at El Parian, or my local on Sunset across from El Chubasco. Last week when I was at the Gopher (purely by chance, I had already had dinner. I am going to get fat!) I ate half a kogi burrito and there was quite a bit of sauce running down my arm and into my bracelet. It was delicious, though.